Xan does it Again with “Iterum” a new premium theme from IHeartMyBB plus Giveaway!

Iterum.  Love the name.  Love the theme. It means “again” in Latin, and yes, Xan has done it again.  Another wicked design that you are going to love.  Versatile, customizable, and functionality all included in this theme.   Hidden dock, hidden OCD slot, customizable color choices for clock and date text….Classic Xan style.   This will be an instant hit.  Again.  Iterum.  Read more to find out how you can make you BB look fantastic again.  (And maybe get a copy!)


Default Home Screen


The default home screen is clean, and allows for maximum wall paper viewing.  Even the default wp is a beaut.  I love the B&W look.   With the text and clock both vertical along both sides, this theme has symmetry and kind of looks like the screen is framed.  Both of these are hotspots.   Iterum has custom signal and battery meters that are placed in the top “hanging” banner (a very cool feature) and also includes owner information. The notifications are on the bottom of the hanging banner and the 6 icon dock in between.  Looks sweet.


Color Option Panel


Lets get right to the main feature of this theme which is the color customization on the clock and date.  To access the options panel, use ?.  A color choice panel with 10 different colors to choose from will pop up allowing you to chose a color for the clock and the date.   Have them the same, or mix and match based on your wall paper!  Really an awesome idea and looks hot. Once you’ve chosen, use ! to dismiss the panel.  Again, Xan has offered you the choice to make this your theme.


Hanging Dock


The drop down dock is also cool.  To access this, click on the semi transparent banner on top and the dock slides down.  The hanging effect is fab.  To hide, click the top banner again.  The focus is a red dot placed behind the icons so you can still see what you are selecting.


OCD Slot and bottom banner


In keeping with symmetry, Xan has placed the ocd slot on the bottom middle between the clock and date.  Show and hide with +/-.  This is also a hotspot for the app you choose to place there. I of course almost always use Berry Weather there (app sold separately).  If you want to see the network information, you can access a hidden bottom banner that holds that information.  Use space/esc to show/hide.


Application Screen


The app screen is very professional looking and the theme has red highlight bars on the the pop menus.  The red dot is your focus again here as well with custom new msg notification.   The red touches throughout the theme add some sex appeal to this theme and who doesn’t like that?


User selected wall paper


It’s amazing how Xan always seems to come up with original ideas again and again.  I think this theme is named perfectly.  Iterum.  Xan does it again with a unique theme and design all her own.  The navigation is smooth and flows well.  I’ve tested this for awhile and have had no issues what so ever.  You will love this on your phone.  Again, another stellar theme from Xan of IHeartMyBB.  To win one of 5 copies, leave a comment here on the blog and make 3 new posts on the forums.  Winners will be contacted via PM.   If you aren’t one of the lucky ones,  you can get it here  for the (again) low price of $2.99.   Available for Bold OS6 and Torch devices.   You will keep coming back to this theme again and again.


Home Screen





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  1. Thanks again hamster for a must have theme….Xan you continually impress us with your themes!  Thanks for the contest!! 🙂

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