Wiz Khalifa Is a Bold 9700 User

Straight out of Pittsburgh, hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa is attracting attention from many including fans, other artists, and even recently, the law. Wiz, who is no stranger to social media and Twitter, is caught red handed here using a BlackBerry Bold 9700 when conducting an interview. He does not mention his BlackBerry at all, but he does state how much the internet and social media has helped launch his career even further. I’ve been following Wiz on Twitter for over a year now, and if i’m not mistaken, he used to tweet from iPhone. I’ve noticed his Tweets used to come from Twittelator, which is a nice twitter app I have on my ipod touch. After seeing this clip, I dashed over to his twitter page, @Realwizkhalifa to see where his recent tweets are coming from. Thats right, the Wizzle man is now using Twitter for BlackBerry as his primary twitter client. I wonder what has caused Wiz to turn to BlackBerry? As his career is taking flight by the day, and growing, business becomes the focal point. Could it be that Wiz’s recent success calls for a ‘smarter phone”? One that has great management communication, good reception, and can make it through the day on one battery charge? Maybe, just maybe. Whatever his reason may be, at least he knows he can count on his BlackBerry for reliability and security.

Watch the video interview here at VLADTV