What’s Running in My Phone? – BlackBerry App for Sherlock Holmes types

Think just because you close out of an app when finished that it’s no longer running on your BlackBerry? Well, it may not be, but you would be surprised at which apps ARE running all the time or are loaded into memory READY to run at a moment’s notice. What’s Running in my Phone? (version by LSphone is an app to help you see exactly what is going on behind the home screen.

I purchased the app to diagnose a memory leak. It is excellent for that purpose and a fast-running battery, and also for the “laggy” operation that we all experience from time to time. The app lists completely every process running on your BlackBerry, especially the things not seen in the Application Switcher. Here’s a screenie from my 9650.

The What's Running on My Phone icon is highlighted by the dashed line. The number on the icon changes according to the number of process running on your berry.

Notice the number 54 on the icon. When you click the icon, the app opens to the list of all the running processes on your Blackberry: in my case there are 54! No wonder I experience some memory loss! What I have to do is go through the list and see what I can eliminate. And oh yes, you can terminate resident modules and apps right from the app.

What’s Running in My Phone? lists all the systems apps, the ones that auto-start with your phone on a reboot and even tells if the app has an icon or not. Of course, you would believe that the Browser, Home Screen, Phone, Messages, and BBM are running all the time and appear on the list. I also use Social Scope, BerryBuzz, BerryWeather, Poynt, Fancy Characters, Fixmo Tools, Home to Phone, Zona Snap, BBMeter…you guessed it. They are all running in the background. Now that’s not a bad thing; just interesting. As one can imagine there are a lot of other modules running as well.

With What’s Running in My Phone? you can force an app to start and force it to close, maybe saving yourself a reboot.

A sample partial listing of all the modules silently running on my BlackBerry behind the scenes.

The reviews at BlackBerry App World are not very favorable but I like the app personally. I think the poor reviews are from people who think they will be able to manipulate the apps more than they can with the program. If you are a Geek, you will love being able to poke around and experiment at shutting things down and force starting them. The app does what it says: it lists all the running apps and those that auto-start.

It is also true that many of the processes you cannot terminate because they are BlackBerry processes that you need to run your phone. The app has some uses, however; such as starting a newly-installed app without rebooting so it loads into memory. For $.99, a Geek can have some fun.

What’s Running in My Phone? is compatible with all BlackBerry phones with OS 4.2 and higher.

What’s Running in My Phone? is available at the Mobihand store for $.99 SALE

And in the BlackBerry App World as well for $1.99

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  1. Very interesting!! I wondered if apps constantly are running even when they are closed. Detailed, and interesting, nice work Jaydee

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