What Are Managed Print Services and How Can They Benefit My Business?

Despite the ongoing development of digital technology, we still have a need for printed media; internal communication, brochures, presentations, handouts and invoices, to name just a few of the items we need printed. We all know how unpredictable printers and copiers can be, according to studies, office staff spend as much as 15% of their time dealing with printing and managed printing services take away the strain of printing, ensuring the printers are always in good order.

Hardware Supply & Support

When you take out a managed print service, the provider supplies the printing hardware of your choosing and handles the installation, set up and configuration, leaving the equipment ready to use. Printers are notoriously unpredictable, choosing to stop when you most need to print, yet with a print support team, you can be sure that your printing equipment is good to go and can handle heavy volumes. Serious issues call for immediate replacements, to ensure that your business processes are not impeded, which is standard with your printing partner, who has the goal of keeping your operation running at 100% at any time.

Automatic Consumables Replacement

Running out of toner is no joke and when you enlist the services of a print management professional, your toner and ink cartridges are automatically delivered when you reach 25% of capacity, ensuring you never run out. For the average company, printed media is of a high volume, with crisp colour often required for promotional content and your print partner has you covered every step of the way, offering advice when needed.

Error Codes

When you see that dreaded error code, it takes ages to find out what it actually refers to, but with remote support via the phone, you will quickly be back online and printing what you need. How many times have you been in the middle of printing out presentation handouts when the printer gives up the ghost? This calls a halt to everything and usually leads to giving the print job to a 3rd party, which is another reason to use a managed print service. If your office staff seem a little jaded, click here for tips on staff motivation, which is a recommended read.

Finance Packages

There are many ways to arrange payment and your print partner is happy to work with you on this, the most important thing is to guarantee operational printing equipment. If you would like to learn more about managed print services, Google is your best friend and will locate a local cloud specialist who offers printing support services.

Critical Machine Maintenance

State of the art printing machines are designed for heavy use, yet they must be serviced at regular intervals in order to be able to provide continued service. This is something your print partner has covered and will service the equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the business.

Remove the stress and frustration caused by printer issues with managed print services and you will wonder how you ever managed without it.