Want A Native Torrent Client For BlackBerry 10? TorrentBerry – Contribute Now


With BitTorque recently pulled from BlackBerry World, a new native client for BlackBerry 10 named Torrentberry can now be available to you for free, if you contribute more features will be added with support. Here is what the dev had to say.

Why this project needs funding

Due to piracy concerns, BlackBerry does not permit Torrent applications on BlackBerry World.  In response to this, I am releasing “Torrentberry” for free so that BB10 owners can have a native torrent client.  Successful funding of this project will allow me the opportunity to add missing features, fix bugs, and buy a BB10 device so that I can test the app on actual hardware.

What currently works

The following is currently implemented withing the Torrentberry client:

  • Download any number of torrent files at the same time
  • Save the torrent data to either device memory or a SD card
  • Pause, Resume, and Remove torrent files
  • Select which files you wish to download from a torrent.  This can be done either when the torrent file is loaded or during the download process.
  • Magnet URI support (launch from other programs such as the web browser)
  • Torrent file URI support (launch from other programs such as the web browser)

Planned features

The following features are guarunteed upon successful funding:

  • Torrentberry preferences including:
  • Network speed settings (Wifi, Mobile, Time of Day)
  • Privacy settings
  • Error and completion notifications
  • Resume/Pause all torrents

Bonus features for exceeding funding (details to follow)

The following features are optional and depend on whether additional funding is received (from $3000.00 target)

  • Improved torrent represenation (ETA etc)
  • Detailed torrent information
    • Peers
    • Availability
    • etc
  • Advanced notification options
  • Activepane support

Current screenshots

ss_torrents ss_addtorrent

ss_savelocation ss_contents


Contribute here.