Vivint Home Security APK for BlackBerry 10

Vivint Logo

For those of you that have taken the leap and invested in a home security system, particularly Vivint, this post is for you. Recently, I’ve taken the initiative to install this home security system and was attracted to the fact that they supported BlackBerry 10. Or at least that is what I was lead to believe. Well, it turns out that they support legacy devices, which is cool, but very disappointing. Lucky for me, I found the APK!After some digging and through the wonderful world of APKs and knowing that 10.2.1 on my Z30 can strip APKs from the Google Play store with relative ease, I was able to isolate the APK file and convert it to work on BlackBerry 10.

So for those of you with a home security system through Vivint and are feeling naked without the ability to install the app on BlackBerry 10, you can easily side load the app onto your device.

I will go ahead and post the APK and the BAR. Some people like converting the APK themselves, so by all means, have at it.

Download the APK here

Download the BAR here

BlackBerry Empire is NOT responsible for anything that happens to your phone when side loading applications. Proceed at your own risk.

For help with side loading, please reference our tutorial here – I recommend using the Chrome extension as it makes things so much easier.