“Vertical” by Xan will take your Blackberry to new heights + Contest!

“We’re going Vertical”  That’s what Goose says to Maverick in Top Gun.  And we are.  We are all going straight up with Xan’s new theme, Vertical.   Available in 3 color options – Blue, Pink, and Purple (which is my personal favorite), this theme has the features we have all come to expect and enjoy from one of her creations.   Yes, hidden banners, hidden Vertical dock, hidden OCD,  tint for the clock, hotspots, and of course custom signal and battery meters.  Vertical takes your Blackberry to new heights, so fly with me, read more, and find out how you can have your BB go Vertical!


Default Home Screen for Vertical Purple

Turn em and burn em…go Vertical.   The unique vertical dock along the right with vertical banner also holds the custom battery (bottom) and custom signal meters (top).  The date is along the top in another banner, and the notifications are on the bottom in another banner.  Vertical 4 icon dock on the left, and OCD slot just above that.   Vertical.  An appropriate name for it eh?


Vertical Purple with user selected wall paper


The dock has 4 icons which are apps 2-5 on the application screen.  It shows with space and hides with escape.   It’s the little touches that make a theme stand out for me, and with this one, not only is the battery meter custom, but it matches the color of the version you have.   Also, the AM/PM of the clock represent the color version you have.  The banners are hidden in this set up which can be done with the ? and ! keys.  Tint is available on the clock area only and is turned on here as well, by using z and x.    I like the fact that you have all these options available.  You may choose not you use them at all.  But, at least you have the choice.


Vertical Blue with user selected wall paper


Vertical Blue screen with banners on.  The top banner is a hot key to the calendar.  The signal meter takes you to manage connections.  The time takes you clock.  The wifi meter is a hot key for options.  And finally the bottom notification banner is a short cut to messages.   See the battery meter?  See the PM? It’s blue.  Details.  That’s what matters.   I think users these days are looking for the little things that make a theme stand out.  This theme is locked on target.


Vertical Pink with user selected wall paper


The OCD slot is on the top left.  Most use this for their weather app, but as usual place whatever app in position 1 on the app screen and you will have access to it right from the home screen.  This can be shown/hidden with -/+ keys.  So, along with the dock, OCD,  hot spot banners and meters, you can access a lot of apps and functions without leaving the home screen.  Pink battery meter.  Pink PM.  Enough said.


App screen and menu highlight in Purple






Options list in Pink version


The fonts and highlight colors in the theme depends on the version you get.  OS 7 icons placed on a black background with a reflective light effect rounds this theme quite nicely.  The focus is a glass like square which is the same on the home screen.  Oh wait.  The focus on the clock also matches the color version you have!  Details.  I’m telling you, it matters.  It means the developer is thinking things through, and really designing something appealing  for the users.


Vertical Blue with everything hidden


Vertical takes your Blackberry to new heights.  It’s visually appealing, yet functional and very easy to use.  I’ve tested it and run it for a few days, and it works great.  Oh yeah, did I mention how extremely wall paper friendly this theme is?  No?  Okay well it is.  With or without banners, dock or whatever, it looks good either way.  Pick your color.  Or get one of each.   Xan has worked extremely hard to give the users what the want.   I think she has delivered.  Xan as generous as ever, has given me 10 copies to give away.  What you need to do is post a comment here on the blog, telling us how many Xan themes you have and what you like about this one, AND make 3 NEW posts in the forums.  Good Luck!  If you don’t win, you can get Vertical here on sale for $1.99.  Available currently for Bold 9650, 9700, 9780, and Torch 9800 OS 6 only.   I’m giving it to you straight up – get this theme, cuz  “we’re going Vertical!”


Vertical Blue