Upcoming Jakarta Device “STJ100-1” gets approved by The Bluetooth SIG and Postel


A Smartphone device under the model number “STJ100-1” designed to run BlackBerry 10 OS 10.2 was approved today by the Bluetooth SIG.

Whilst the device maker listed wasn’t BlackBerry, but FIH CO.LTD – which is none other than Foxconn International Holdings,  I think it’s safe to say this could well be the if not, one of the upcoming Jakarta devices coming soon. The upcoming device was also given a certificate in Indonesia from Postel which again, this makes all sense since John Chen explicitly told us the Device would be available in Indonesia first.

This is all exciting news. We haven’t had a device since the Z30, which was under Thorsten Heins and was pretty much kept quiet about. The upcoming, low budget Foxconn Device under the reign of John Chen will supposedly be under $200, will feature a full touch screen (no physical keyboard) and run 10.2

We look forward to more information in the upcoming weeks.

Source: PhoneArena


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