The Top 5 Business Apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Top business apps for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and are wanting to use it as your WorkBook then read on to discover RIM’s current picks for the top 5 BlackBerry PlayBook tablet apps for business, and how they can help improve productivity.

Poynt for BlackBerry PlayBook

I recently traveled to New York City on business, and I can’t tell you how useful this app was to help me get a handle on my surroundings. Poynt™ for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet brings the same functionality as the Poynt smartphone app to the BlackBerry® Tablet OS, and helps you find information on businesses, people, movies, restaurants, or events close to your location. The app is even designed to allow you to send information to your smartphone once you’ve decided where you’d like to go. The feature list of this app is long, and includes reviews, bookings, call pushing to your smartphone, and more.


Top business apps for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Adobe® Connect™

This Adobe® Connect™ app is designed to bring collaboration via the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a whole new level, allowing you to host or join meetings. Beyond the included video and audio chat, public and private text chatting can also be enabled, along with polling questions and intuitive pinch-to-zoom interaction with the shared content.

Top business apps for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet


Everyone needs a good RSS reader to stay on top of recent news that is nicely consolidated into a single app, and this one is mine. GeeReader pulls in a Google Reader account and maintains any folder structure you may have set up. Once you open an item for viewing, you can easily side scroll to the next item within the same feed, or expand to full screen. Lastly, you can mark posts as favorite, share posts, and toggle read/unread settings.

Top business apps for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet


Sometimes you just need to scribble down a diagram while you’re on a call or while you’re planning your next genius idea.The ScratchPad app by Painting With Numbers Limited is designed to find the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality, providing you with a free-form area to draw on using your fingers. The simple controls take up little space and allow you to change brush size and color, as well as undo/redo, clear, and export. The export functionality is particularly useful, and saves a screenshot to your pictures folder with one touch.

Top business apps for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Box for BlackBerry PlayBook

Accessing my files from anywhere, on any device is a must for both my work and personal life. I was particularly impressed by Box for PlayBook’s slick interface and ease-of-use. Did I mention that you’ll receive 50 GB of free file storage and sharing if you download the app and register for an account before December 31, 2011?

Bonus: Documents To Go

This one comes free and preloaded on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Documents To Go® Premium is designed to provide a foundation for business functionality by allowing you to view, create, and edit documents on your tablet. Supported formats include Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Word®, and Microsoft PowerPoint®. Additionally, Documents To Go Premium allows you to open Adobe® PDF files on the go. If there’s one app that I use every day, it’s this one.