The Impact of Tech Innovations on the Funeral Industry

Funeral directors across the globe continue to adapt to new technologies in the industry. While it is important to maintain old traditions, to ensure they aren’t left behind, they must also adapt to new trends. If they fail to embrace innovative new tech, their business could be left behind. Integrating new tech is now a requirement, not an option. Here are some of the main areas where tech has changed the industry and had an impact on traditional services. 

Modernisation – New technology, once properly introduced, can make any business more efficient and productive. At, funeral directors understand the importance of innovative tech and that is why they look to integrate new systems that can benefit the business. 

Simple digital systems such as online booking services allow funeral directors to focus on more important aspects of their business. People can now plan everything online without having to waste time meeting with the funeral directors, this allows company representatives to offer a more client-focused business. 

Advertisement – Like in any industry, funeral directors need to market their service to attract clients. Technology makes this a lot easier than before and funeral directors are taking advantage of online services. It allows them to showcase their products and services without having them physically on-site. Clients can now access your products and services on mobile apps, allowing them to organise an entire ceremony without ever setting foot inside a funeral home. 

Many people are starting their own business online and taking advantage of the digital age, and most funeral directors see the benefits of digital innovation, some are more than willing to embrace it. In a time when the last thing you want to do is plan a funeral, online tech has made everything much more convenient. 

Accessibility – Currently, people all around the globe are living in lockdown because of the pandemic. When a loved one dies in a country halfway across the world, family members cannot make it to the funeral because of quarantine regulations. 

In some countries, only a small number of people are allowed to attend the service. In countries like Australia, the virus seems to be under control, but there are still restrictions in place when it comes to attending a funeral and religious services.

Technology has had an impact on services by introducing platforms that allow people to attend funerals digitally. They can sign in online and view the entire ceremony through their webcam. If they cannot make it in person, their presence can be felt in a digital context. 

Making the service more accessible to all improves a business and nurtures loyalty and trust between families and the funeral director. New tech like live streaming feeds make an incredibly challenging time:

  • Easier to deal with
  • More meaningful
  • More convenient 
  • More memorable

As with every business sector, innovation and new tech are transforming the way companies do business. When you introduce technology, you don’t have to lose traditional values or ceremonies. It is there to complement the industry and make it better. It gives clients more choice and makes the service more accessible to all.