TargetDate- Countdown Date App for BlackBerry Phones

When does baseball season start? How many days until my European vacation? That vacation club check arrives when?? If you want the answers to these suspenseful questions and more, download TargetDate, a new app made for BlackBerry phones from the folks at Toysoft.

TargetDate is a countdown application that allows you to set up to 16 different countdown timers. Each one can have its own icon on the home screen.  The icon you choose can be one of the pre-designed icons or import one of your own choosing. Just make sure the icon is 73 x 73 jpg or png. Set the text color and font, and optionally set a reminder in your phone for the date.

The icon to the extreme right on the bottom row is TargetDate. The three icons to the right of it are actual countdown date icons; for School's end, a trip and Christmas 2011.

The best part is that you can have the icons show in the notification bar and rotate every minute to show all your important upcoming dates.

Setting up a date is simple and they are all listed on this screen inside the app.


Setting up a new countdown date is a snap: Click “Add” and set all the parameters. Change your icon, font size, color and position to be shown. Set your reminders. (Here I have them OFF).











There are some cute pre-made icons to use as well. You can see a partial listing in the screen shot below:

There are a number of cutesy pre-made icons from which to choose. You may add your own to the app.

Never be caught short again. Know what’s coming up without having to open your calendar!

TargetDate will be a constant reminder of what fun is to come!

TargetDate runs on BlackBerry OS 4.7 and higher and is available from the Mobihand Store at a sale price of just $.99 (Regularly $1.99)


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