T7 by Hi-fx Design is a theme you will want to try

I recently reviewed Mistique by Hi-fx Design and really liked it, so when T7 was released, I was anxious to try it out.  I’m pleased to tell you that it’s another fine theme.   It has several cool features including a hidden 4 icon dock, custom battery and signal meters, hidden OCD slot, hidden today, 3 icon static applications, and hidden side banner.    It’s a theme that grows on you and the more I use it, the more I like it.  Not to mention that it’s wallpaper friendly. Hi-fx is certainly working hard to develop themes that are unique and that people will like.   I think you should read more and find out about this awesome theme.


Default Home Screen


The signal and battery meter are custom digital numbers on the corners of the bottom banner.  Signal on your left, and battery on your right.  Notifiers and wifi information also on the bottom banner in the middle.  The clock and date are top right with an OCD slot just above them.   Just above the bottom banner on the right are 3 application icons that are static for easy access at all times.  These are Messages, Contacts and Browser.


Vertical Hidden Dock


To access the vertical  4 user customizable icon dock,  use space, and to hide escape.  The 5th app from your application screen is the OCD slot above the clock, and I usually put my weather app there.   This can be hidden with e and show with w.  With the dock showing,  you have access to at least 8 applications right from your home screen.   Looks good with any wall paper also, which for me is key.


SIde Banner with Hidden Today


A clever feature in this theme is the hidden today that shows up by using alt 1 and hides by with alt 2.   One for the calendar and one for messages.  Both have 2 entries each.  I’ve chosen to also turn on the side banner here which can be done with u and hidden with i.  The banner is transparent enough that even with it on  you can see your wall paper quite well.


T7 with dock and banner


T7 is a cool theme that has many options to it.  It has a small file size and runs smooth for me.  And even with all the features on, you can still see your background which is always a plus for me.   It’s refreshing to see some of the newer developers coming out with themes that allow them to make a name for themselves.  Hi-fx has some good themes with well thought out designs and elements.  T7 is available for OS6 on the Bold 9650, 9700, 9780 and  Torch 9800.  It is currently on sale at the BBE Store for $1.49, so go and get your copy and give it a try!