T-Mobile USA Launching Bold 9780 Just Before Thanksgiving Nov 17th

The guys at T-MoNews have just let us know that the anticipated BlackBerry 9780 is set to arrive November 17th to USA
T-Mobile stores. The expected date is set to be right before the Thanksgiving holiday on November 17th, so we may see it land sooner, or later. The initial dealer price is set at $400.00 flat. They have not released subsidized price packaging either, so be on the lookout soon for that announcement. Good news for Bold users. Finally users can be complacent for a while rocking BlackBerry 6, a 5 mega pixel camera, and the much needed 512mb. Can this also be a positive step for 9700 owners? Now that the Bold 9780 will be out in the market, RIM can finally loosen up and unleash BB6 for the 9700. Time will tell, keep your fingers crossed! Don’t forget to share!