“Synthesis” series of themes by Vision Mobility – a combination of elements to make your BlackBerry complete

I’m here to bring you the latest series of themes from Jake of BlackBerryThemePark/Vision Mobility.   I recently reviewed Haze a Halloween theme by Jake that is simply outstanding and perfect for fall, Halloween, and well all the time.   Well Jake didn’t stop there.  He took this brilliant theme, and created 5 different color versions that you will want to have in your theme collection.  Pick your favorite, or pick them all.  The graphics and color scheme used throughout these is awesome.   The navigation?  Smooth.  Functionality? Easy to use.  The look?  Clean.  The options?  Plenty.   Keep reading and I’ll tell you about each of these stunning themes.

Default Home Screen for Synthesis - Red


Let’s start out with Synthesis.  The flagship version.  It’s Red.  And Hot.   And Sexy.   And Sleek.  Now, who wouldn’t want all that?   The bottom banner holds the clock on the right, and custom signal and battery meter to match the color of the theme.  Even the wifi signal matches.  The top banner has your date.  I’m glad that the clock and date are in white because you can see the text clearly, and I rely on the time and date on my BB more than my watch.


Cerulean - Blue


This is Cerulean, the blue version.  Another favorite color.  It’s sharp, and equally sleek.   You can lower the top banner to reveal the notification area by using +/-.  Raise the bottom 5 full size icon dock (which by the way I love – because I can actually see the icon) with */#.  The focus color matches the color version you have as well as does the new message indicator.  The dock uses apps 1-5 from the application screen.

Veridigris - Green


So much customization available with this series of themes.  Here is Verdigris.  Green.  There is  a tint overlay that you can activate for the  ocd slot (app 6) using @/$.  Comes in handy with light wall paper.   A refreshing shade of green that looks amazing.  If you are a fan, “go green” with Verdigris.


Kinesis - Purple


Like purple?  You’re going to love Kinesis.  The purple color scheme through out is fab. This happens to be my fave color.  Purple.  And with Kinesis, I get it all.  Purple, easy to use theme, smooth navigation and plenty of home screen options.  I’ve hidden the ocd, and have only the top banner lowered.  And I have crystal clear view of my wall paper.


Quartz - Pink


No, Jake has not forgotten the gals (or even guys?) who have a thing for pink. Quartz, the pink version.   I’m not a pink person, but I have to say, this pink might convert me.   Everything hidden here for this one ss, and again – clean and beautiful.  And with just a few clicks you can have everything at your finger tips.  And more hot keys for even more access right from the home screen:

  • (S) -Universal Search (OS 6 devices)
  • (F) – Sound Profiles
  • (ALT+W) – Media:Pictures
  • (ALT+E) – Media:Music
  • (ALT+R) – Media:Videos
  • (ALT+S) – Twitter for BlackBerry
  • (ALT+D) – Facebook
  • (ALT+F) – YouTube(OS 6 Only)
  • (ALT+Z) – Wifi Setup
  • (ALT+X) – Ringtones
  • (ALT+C) – Manage Connections


Application Screen Synthesis


This is the application screen for Synthesis.  Sharp grid banner in silver and black with a focus icon matching the version you have.  The icon selected is clearly seen, and the text also matches.  A lot of continuity used here and it flows through out the ui, with colored menu pop-ups and highlight bars depending on your version.


Kinesis - Purple


No matter what your personality, Jake has you covered.  Feeling Blue?  Use Cerulean.  In a sexy mood?  Use Synthesis.  Loving the earth?  Go Green with Verdigris.   Having fun?  Purple it is with Kinesis.  Have a feminine side?  Quartz is for you.   Change them up daily, or hourly – whatever strikes your mood.   These themes offer  you various features and options all masterfully combined in a super functional and sexy theme. They are a combination of hidden docks, OCD slot, banners, and stunning graphics to provide you with a complex, yet easy to use product.  They unify the concept of quality and design. Any of these will add  chemistry for you and your Blackberry. Take your device from nothing and make it into something with the Synthesis series.  Available at the BBE Store for $5.99 (and yes, it’s worth the price) for Bold OS6 and Torch 9800, and at BlackBerryThemePark.


Cerulean - Blue


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