South Park stickers now available for BBM


For any of you that have been using the BBM stickers that are available through the BBM Shop there is a new pack available for purchase. This latest sticker pack is for all you South Park fans and includes 20 different ones (Eric, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Leopold, and a few others). I’m not a big South Park fan so forgive me if I mentioned a name that’s not in the pack.


To purchase the South Park stickers just open up BBM, tap on the bottom left tab, tap on shop, and then you will see the new stickers. As with most of these stickers the cost is $1.99 and is available for download in the US, UK, as well as Canada. We are curious to know, how many of you are actually using the BBM stickers? If you are using them, how many of the different sticker packs have you purchased?

2 thoughts on “South Park stickers now available for BBM

  1. south park stikers why In Latin America they are not available, which is the reason for this lack of respect for Latin American users

    1. I don’t think it’s lack of respect, it’s probably a licensing issue. The good thing is that if you get a BBM contact that has downloaded that sticker pack and they send you one, then that sticker pack will be available to you.

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