Solving Your Own Computer Problems

No matter how well you take care of your technology, wear and tear is bound to happen sooner or later. This is especially true when it comes to owning a laptop. The day where you’re at a store and purchase a brand new computer is a great feeling, isn’t it? Not only do some of the more recent laptops come with some great features, but any new computer you buy, has little to no problems whatsoever. Everything runs smoothly, you can connect to the Internet instantaneously, and you can even upgrade to Windows 10 if you want.

Eventually, though, you begin to notice your laptop is starting to have issues. It takes a little longer for pages to load, and your device might freeze from time to time. This isn’t necessarily your fault, it more along the lines has to do with wear and tear. As the years go on, it might even seem like your device will need repairs. While many people are quick to rush to the nearest Best Buy for repairs, there are actually several things you can do on your own. After all, why spend money on repairs if you don’t have to? Here are a few things to consider.

System Restore

One of the best ways to fix issues with your laptop, is by using System Restore. Basically, it’s a feature that sets your computer back to a previous point before a major update. In a way, think of it as taking your computer back in time. Speaking of which, here’s one example of how it can be used. Let’s say you’ve recently been getting blue screen errors on your computer. You know it’s because of something you downloaded recently, but you can’t pinpoint what it is. By using System Restore, you set your computer back to before the download. Thus, you will no longer get blue screens.

Not every problem needs to be resolved by going to the nearest hardware store. Many computer issues, in fact, can be dealt with right from your home.

Scanning Your Computer

After downloading anti-virus software, many people just sit back and let it take care of the rest. However, have you considering scanning your computer on a regular basis? Unknown and even hidden viruses might be the reason your computer isn’t running as effectively as it should. Through downloads and suspicious looking websites, there are types of malware which can even hijack your web browser. Anti-virus software does play a role in preventing threats, but thorough scans give a full diagnosis of your computer as a whole. The next time your computer is experiencing slowdown issues, give it a scan.

Shutting Down Your Device

If you’re having issues with your computer, it might help if you shut it down before you go to bed. Even though it’s quite common to put laptops in sleep mode, the device is still running in that case. After all, the second you open your computer again, the startup screen pops up. By shutting your computer down completely, it’s a great way to save energy and give your device the rest it needs. This is especially the case for when you’re away from the device for long periods of time.

The next time your computer is experiencing problems, take these tips into consideration. System Restore is great for undoing any errors that might have been caused by you. Scanning your computer ensures that the device is free of viruses, and shutting down your laptop saves energy in the long run.

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