SnapScreen – Screen Shot App with Preview


Choose between JPG, PNG or BMP

NEW! Send an email with a screen shot attached from within SnapScreen!

Take an on device screenshot of your BlackBerry with SnapScreen!

There are three ways to use SnapScreen:

1. System wide menu option for built-in applications
2. Assign a convenience key for most applications
3. Use the Application Switcher (Alt-Esc) for almost all applications

When you are viewing a screen you want to save, select SnapScreen from the menu, push a convenience key, or use the BlackBerry Application Switcher.

SnapScreen will show a preview of the screen with a thin red, white and blue border around it. Use the “Save” or “Save As” menu option to save the screen.

SnapScreen will save the current screen on the SD card if you have one inserted or to internal memory.

You can choose between JPG, PNG or BMP from the options menu. JPG are saved in high quality and are typically around 20k each. If you have OS 4.2.2 please allow ~20 seconds for JPG & PNG to show up in the file system.

You can use the Media Application to view the pictures or compose an email and attach a screenshot.

NEW! Send an email with a screen shot attached from within SnapScreen!

You may need to edit Application Permissions to allow screen capturing
From the Home Screen go to
Options > Security Options > Application Permissions
Select “Edit Permissions” from the menu.
Expand the “Interactions” tab.
Change “Screen Capturing” or “Recording” to “Allow”.

Note: Torch Browser may require use of convenience key or application switcher.

NEW! Send Email Menu Option!
Choose JPG, PNG or BMP
Use the BlackBerry Application Switcher (Alt-Esc)
Use System Wide Menu or Convenience Key
Save Screen Images to your SD Card in JPG format
No USB Cable Required
Preview the screen before saving
Use the Media Application to view images
Attach screenshots to emails

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