Romeo Beckham Certainly Picked A Winner With The BlackBerry Z10


Spotted yesterday rocking a BlackBerry Z10 was no-one other than Romeo Beckham, child of English superstar footballer, David Beckham.

Having turned 11 years of age only yesterday, David Beckham and Romeo along with his siblings, Brooklyn and Cruz were spotted watching the Arsenal vs Tottenham game, enjoying a pretty entertaining game with The Gunners winning the game 1-0, giving Tottenham their first loss of the season. Romeo was probably catching the right moment with BlackBerry 10’s Timeshift feature”

It’s no doubt and pretty much a no brainer that any celebrity of any kind rocking a BlackBerry is nothing more than free and probably one of the best marketing the company can put out. Hopefully, we see more and more of these in the near future.

Source: Mirror

2 thoughts on “Romeo Beckham Certainly Picked A Winner With The BlackBerry Z10

  1. BB10 is a great platform. Becasue of the negative media people hesitate to give it a chance.
    Both Z10 and Q10 are amazing phones. People should really try the new platform and be the judge of it!

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