Review: SURFACE Case for BlackBerry Q10 from SEIDIO

BlackBerry Q10 SURFACE
The SURFACE case from SEIDIO for the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone device is one for the power user, if you are a power user and want to stay protected then this case is for you, you will see why. A quick introduction to the SURFACE case from SEIDIO:

The SURFACE case is the right case for those who are looking for sleek protection. This case protects your BlackBerry Q10 from scratches and drops while adding minimal bulk. Durable plastic is accompanied by our soft-touch coating which enhances the look of your BlackBerry Q10 without attracting lint.

  • Features of the SURFACE case for BlackBerry Q10:
  • Sleek case that provides scratch protection without adding much bulk
  • Precision cut-outs for access to the ports, controls, speakers and camera
  • Unique slide-in design makes putting on and removing your case easy
  • Compatible with SURFACE Holster (not included)



As you can see  from the images above and below, the case protects the outer shell of the device but it leaves all surrounding ports open for easy access and it does NOT interfere with the NFC functionality of the device. 118 110 111117 112

Since this is a two piece case which is why I said it is made for the power user, indicating that if you are like me, someone that is constantly swapping out batteries with for a newly charged one, this one gives you easy access to simply detach the two piece casing. I was unaware of how to remove or detach the two pieces from one another until I saw the instructions.

How to remove the case, you can’t simply stretch them out and expect the cases to come apart, which is brilliant on SEIDIO’s end as it keeps the two pieces intact, to remove the two pieces from one another you must press down on the finger grove then pull the cases apart.114 115

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Overall this is a very nice, solid, sleek case from SEIDIO, made for power users who want to stay protected or pretty much anyone that wants a case that will serve its purpose. As one customer reviewer says:

 Thin, light, protective. Snaps together nicely, a lip on the front protects the screen, all ports are easily accessible. You will waste a lot of time and money looking for a decent case when you don’t simply wait for the Seidio to come out….

I would have to agree with this users feedback review and could definitely see myself using this case on a day-to-day basis as it is a very portable, not bulky and again, it serves its purpose.

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