Review: BlackBerry Q10 Commuter Series Case by OtterBox

72The BlackBerry Q10 Commuter Series case is what we got right here, this series has always been my favorite from OtterBox as it offers full protection without that bulk that the Defender Series gives you.

The Commuter Series case for BlackBerry Q10 is the stylish protective option from OtterBox for your highly connected and always-on lifestyle. The outer plastic layer is highly protective and keeps the device safe from drops and bumps and slides easily in and out of your pocket, the inner rubber layer offers added support from shock and the self-adhering screen protector guards your screen from scratches and smudges. All together, this slim and sleek — yet highly protective — case is a great protective solution for this incredible device.
80Sleek, slim and tough. Those are the words that best describe the OtterBox Commuter Series for BlackBerry Q10. A silicone mid-layer hugs your device, and has open access to all device features and buttons stand. The smooth outer shell makes this the perfect case for those of you who like to stow your phone in your pocket or bag. Don’t worry about scratches on your touch screen, because a self-adhering touch screen protector is included with the case.
81As you can see from the image below the case fully protects the whole device as well as the side-keys, the slot that is left open is the one of the camera so that pictures taken are uninterrupted.
83The outer edges of the case  provide just enough grip so when it is faced down the screen will not get scratched as it is leveled higher so the screen will not touch the surface.

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Overall this case is what I would consider a Built for BlackBerry case as it fits the device just right all around, it might fit too perfect as once the case is on the device it pretty much is a bit of a hassle to take off, so if you plan on using the battery charger bundle for your Q10, I would not recommend this case. If you do indeed want full protection and won’t be switching batteries daily then this case is a great premium quality case that will serve its purpose.
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