Review: BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker

Mini Stereo SpeakerJust received my BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker yesterday, the mini stereo speaker is a portable speakerphone that lets you play music/sounds on the go at a higher level with enhanced audio. The BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker comes in at a price tag of $99.99, is it worth it? Lets find out.

What is included?



  • Mini Stereo Speaker
  • USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Aux
  • User Guide

The Mini Stereo speaker comes with the USB Cable which would be used for charging purposes, the 3.5mm Aux cable is for those of you who would like to make the stereo speaker a bluetooth only device which it can do as well, connecting it to your AUX port in your vehicle or home stereo system would allow you to make your devices bluetooth enabled.

IMG_00002072 IMG_00002073Judging by the images above you can tell it is a small device, but let me tell you the stereo speaker really does provide that loud punch and clear audio that you really would need for pretty much anything such as outdoor play to family gatherings.

What exactly do these buttons and ports do?

IMG_00002088Pretty self explanatory. Features of the stereo speaker:

  • Optimized portable speakerphone – Noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, ensures your voice is heard loud and clear.
  • Universal Bluetooth® compatibility – Play music or take calls from any Bluetooth enabled portable media payer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Connect to two smartphones simultaneously – Multipoint technology enables seamless music playing and hands free calling using either smartphone.
  • Up to 16 hours talk time.
  • Up to 14 hours streaming time.
  • Minimum 40 days standby time.

Overall I believe this is a solid device built by BlackBerry. So is it worth the price? I believe so. My first glance at the speaker was like wow it is pretty small, that thing can’t really be much louder than my BlackBerry Z10 speakerphone, I was wrong as it is 20 times louder than a smartphone speaker. To purchase head on over to Shop BlackBerry. If you need help setting it up just drop a comment below and we will help you out. Let us know if you have one yourself and what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “Review: BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker

  1. Picked one up just before I left for a vacation in Mexico a week ago. Great sound out of it. We had free wifi all over the place. I used this speaker in conjunction with the Songza app. Great combo. Not sure about the $99 price tag though. I bought mine for $60 ish here in Canada from The Source. At $60 – $70 its a good pickup.

    1. Nice! Thanks for sharing the info with us. I may add a link to purchase from The Source as well. For those in Canada.

  2. I’ll definitely will pick one as soon as BlackBerry start to make them in Black, love the concept but not the color… BlackBerry please make it HAPPEN!! #BlackBerry10Believe #TeamBlackberry #KeepMoving

  3. I really love to have this Bluetooth speaker. I believe it will help me to present my BlackBerry 10 very well.

  4. i’m thinking of buying but did i understand correctly that it can be used solely as a bluetooth device for AUX speakers? (just like BlackBerry Music Gateway) What would be the difference if any?

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