Raypho brings us another winner with Aquilles, his latest creation

I’m a huge fan of Raypho themes, and as of late, Ray has truly impressed BB users with his unique and quality themes.  It’s like the man never sleeps!  And it’s true, actually…I happen to know that he rarely does sleep, and as a result, we the users, are treated with yet another new theme, this one called Aquilles.  I’m not quite sure how to pronounce it, or even what it means, but who cares?  It’s an excellent theme with hidden dock, 2 hidden OCD slots, and a semi-transparent banner for wallpaper friendliness.  Keep reading for more on how you can have this winner of a theme on your BB!

Default home screen


The home screen looks minimal which is what I like.  Not too busy and plenty of screen space to show off your wallpaper. The transparent banner across the bottom holds all your key elements.  Signature Raypho custom signal and battery meters, profiles, a nice sized clock, and date.  There is ample space for all your notifications just below the banner.

Home sceen with user selected wallpaper and dock showing


Now, see the little squares on the top right of the screen?  Click that and the 7 icon dock will slide down.  Click the squares again and the dock will hide.  It’s a simple as that!  Tell me this alone does not make it a winner!  No keys to remember, simply click the square icon and you have immediate access to all your most used apps.  Simple.  Easy.  First place in my book.   The dock holds apps in positions 3-9 on the application screen.  Most themes these days have 1 OCD slot.  This theme my friends, has 2!  Another reason this takes the prize.  Many users want more apps accessible from the home screen and having 2 extra slots gives you that option.  Of course I use them for weather and batter ex skins (both apps sold separately) to make my screen look all dressed up.   But, if you don’t want these extra slots, just hide them using esc key.  Alt1 will show only the bottom left one, and alt 2 will show the top left.

Home screen with 2 ocd slots showing


I have quite a few Raypho themes, and I mean quite a few, and this one is quickly becoming a fave.  The app screen has a simple black background with a semi-transparent focus square, outlined by silver on the top and bottom.  The menu’s have a gorgeous blue highlight bar.  It’s a pleasant change and I love the color!

Application screen


Home screen with user selected wallpaper and only one OCD slot showing


We all know and love Raypho themes.  This one is no exception.  If you don’t have this one in your collection, you are missing out on a real winner.  It is so versatile, and has a small file size with no lag and smooth functionality.  What more could you want?  Do yourself a favor and  get Aquilles.  Your BB will look prize worthy with this Raypho hit.  Get Aquilles on sale now for $2.49 at the BBE store.  Aquilles is available for both OS 5 and OS 6 on most devices.


Home screen with user selected wallpaper