QNX Car Platform Guided Tour

QNX Software Systems has been working on a car platform utilizing the QNX operating system, which was most recently demonstrated at the 2012 Consumers Electronic Show (CES).

Kerry Johnson, automotive manager at QNX Software Systems, takes viewers on a tour of the QNX Car 2 Platform covering  covering home screen, media player, mobile device connectivity, application area, HTML5 support, phone app, voice-enabled apps. acoustic processing for hands-free systems, etc.

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QNX Porsche Carrera
QNX Porsche Carrera

The Porsche Carrera concept car shown at CES demonstrated an array of applications, including TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) hybrid navigation services, Vlingo voice-to-text and voice recognition, the AT&T WATSONSM speech and natural language processing engine, the Poynt virtual personal assistant, a Weather Network app, and streaming Internet radio from Pandora, NoBex, Slacker, and TuneIn.