Put Your BlackBerry in the Pink with BerryGlowDesigns’ Sharp!Pink Theme

Berry Glow Designs has released another theme for BlackBerry phones called Sharp!Pink. And sharp is just how to describe it. The theme is functional but has some classic lines and a touch of pink that should not scare you away from using any of your wallpaper with it. EDIT: A blue version is on the way as well! So take a look at this one and see if the blue will be more your style or if you’re a pink person. Or maybe like both!

Sharp!Pink with icon dock hidden using user selected wallpaper

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I love the transparency of the larger upper banner. All of your meters, battery, profiles icon, time & date and notification icons are all there in one place. There is an OCD slot on the right (here BerryWeather, not included with the purchase of the theme) that is hide-able with keystrokes Alt p off, Alt q on. The 6 full-size icon dock is also hide-able. Space to turn on and ESC to turn off.

Sharp!Pink with icon dock on and user selected wallpaper

The apps screen carries through the pink theme with a muted patterned shade of pink. Using OS7 icons, the pink boxed focus icon makes it easy to see which icon you are choosing.

Apps screen of Sharp!Pink

The menus are slightly transparent with a bright pink highlight. If you love contrasting colors or are a fan of pink; this is your theme. I am especially happy to have it in my theme rotation because I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer. And when I do, I have the hardest time distinguishing black menus with grey highlights or black menus with charcoal highlights; even thought they look artistic, they are too hard to discern in the sunlight. There is no such problem with black and pink. So Bravo BGD and thank you!

Sharp!Pink menu and highlight

The theme runs smooth as silk with no lag, as do all of BGD’s themes. Love the use of full-size icons, as well. The upper banner and the icon dock both have a thin, graduated pink gradient line to accentuate the theme but it is not too pink that you are limited to wallpaper choices at all. Some other features of the theme are: the custom battery meter, the large clock on the home screen, the small file size, and quick screen transitions. Also, for touch screen devices, landscape mode is compatible.


Sharp!Pink with user selected wallpaper

Pick up this theme and you’ll be in the Pink!
Sharp!Pink is for these BlackBerries:
OS 5: Bold 9650, 9700
OS 5: Curve 89xx
OS 5: Curve 85xx
OS 5: Storm 1&2
OS 6: Torch 9800
OS 6: Style
OS 6: Bold 9650, 97xx
OS 6: Curve3G 93xx
OS 5: Tour 9630

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Sharp!Pink with user selected wallpaper