ProInsights for the BlackBerry PlayBook [Video Review]

[Mobile Viewing]

ProInsights for the BlackBerry PlayBook uses your LinkedIn data and turns it into an informative info graphic. It was a beautiful and fluid UI and gives you a dynamic way to view your LinkedIn profile and connections.

The Good: The first application on the PlayBook that utilizes your LinkedIn data. It has a rich and dynamic UI and provides information that you otherwise would not have been aware of. It also provides quick access to your connections information. Lastly, the apps “IntelliSearch” allows you to find connections associated with specific key words.

The Bad: At $9.99, the price is pretty steep. However, they do have a sale currently going on in which you can download the app at $4.99 [Update: Introductory sale is over]. Despite the pricing, the lack of functionality as depicted in the video review (for example, not being able to tap on groups or contacts [in the mosaic view] are somethings that should be fixed moving forward.

Finale: Seeing as the app’s description and soul purpose is only to provide information, being able to have group discussions, add connections, and send messages are probably unlikely part of ProInsights future.  In any case, it does exactly what it says it does and on those basis, it’s a good app.

UPDATE: From the Developers:

Thanks for the detailed video review and your feedback on ProInsights. Most of the features you felt were missing in the version are already being worked upon for v2.0 which is due for release in a few weeks – this includes ability to view users full profile by just clicking on any photo in the Photo Mosaic view, ability to send messages to your contacts from within the app and ability to see the list of connections in a particular country or company by clicking on the graphics in the main view.

A few corrections:

1) The company logos you see in the main view is not about the groups you are subscribed too but rather shows the Top 30 companies in which you have your connections. The number in the circle shows the number of connections you have in that particular company.

2) The app was on sale a few days back but is now back to it’s original price of $9.99

Once again thanks for the review. We appreciate you taking time to do this.

We’re glad the devs are checking out the reviews and I believe I speak for everyone at BlackBerry Empire when I say we only want to provide you with the most accurate information out there!