Paychex Releases BlackBerry Smartphone App

Payroll and benefits outsourcing provider Paychex Inc. has released the Paychex Mobile smartphone application for BlackBerry devices. The app provides Paychex clients with tools for management and productivity, while offering employees on-the-go access to their personal payroll, benefits, and retirement information.

Paychex Mobile allows users to connect to a customized dashboard of favorite tasks that include a variety of employer- or employee-focused features.

From the app employers can access employee contact list, with one click; email and call capabilities; payroll journal and cash requirements reports; employee check stubs and W-2 forms; employee time-off balances; and retirement administrator views.

In addition, employees can use the app to access their check stubs and W-2 forms; time-off and retirement balances; flexible spending account balances and reimbursements; and basic personal information.

The Paychex Mobile dashboard provides a navigation point into the app’s various features and allows users to configure and customize the dashboard with their preferences. Additionally, scrolling navigation at the top of the subsequent screens allows users to move freely to other parts of the application, without toggling back to the main menu.

“Our smartphone strategy continues our practice of offering features that benefit all Paychex user groups—our clients, their employees, and the accountants who serve them,” said Michael Gioja, Paychex senior vice president of information technology, product management and development. “The Paychex Mobile smartphone app, along with our existing tablet app offerings, demonstrates our commitment to helping business owners, and their employees, use mobile technology to its fullest potential—and we look forward to even more advancements in the months ahead.”

Use of the Paychex Mobile smartphone app requires a Paychex Single sign-on account. Once registered, the same single username and password used to gain access on a laptop, PC, or tablet is also used for smartphone access.

Download via AppWorld