Nursery Rhymes for the BlackBerry PlayBook is here! [Video Review]

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Nursery Rhymes. First, I must confess, when I saw this application on iOS devices, I crossed my fingers and hoped it would come to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Fortunately, it did.


[Mobile Viewing]

I was excited and didn’t hesitate to buy it. I have an eighteen month old son and I knew he would love it. This application brings classical nursery rhymes to life in an interactive and contemporary form. With narration available, it adds an unintended element of education as the kids see and hear the words. The app runs smooth and uses the accelerometer as well to interact with some of the stories. The app is listed at $2.99 in BlackBerry App World and I think it is worth every penny.

Now, it is worth noting that the PlayBook app doesn’t have the same features as the iOS app. The major difference is the “Story Time”. Story time is the feature that allows, for instance, the dad in the Nursery Rhymes’ ad to talk to his daughter. The connection is made via iOS’ Game Center, which allows a user the voice connection and the ability to turn the page, virtually, on the other users device. This feature is not available on the BlackBerry PlayBook, yet. Lets not forget Scoreloop joined the RIM team a few months ago.

The Good: They essentially reinvent the art of story telling while maintaining the integrity of the nursery rhymes we knew as kids. The number of ways you can interact with the app will keep the kids tuned in and interested.

The Bad: At this point, I don’t see anything that could be wrong with this app. Perhaps, I’m being biast since my son loves the app.

Finale: The app has a promising future but as it stands now, it is a fine work of art.