Newberry: FREE Theme for BlackBerry 9700, 9650

While this free theme for BlackBerry phones called Newberry is not “NEW” , it is still my all-time go-to favorite theme for my berry.

The theme’s creator is Al3azim from He has at least ten other free themes available for download and I run all of them that have been converted to OS6. In fact, the love of his themes and the fashion they bring to my berry’s home screen were the deciding factors in me NOT moving to OS6 when the leaks first appeared on the scene in October of last year! I refused to go to “ugly tray land” of OS6 for the longest time because I knew I would miss customizing and colorizing my 9650 too much. However, my friends’ bugging got the better of me and I moved to OS6. I was thrilled to see my favorite themes by Al3azim being converted to run on OS6 phones! Here’s a peek at my home screen now:

This is Newberry on the home screen. the three buttons along the bottom cannot be changed. The dock is hidden right now.

Al3azim’s themes are known for their smoothness; they never lag. All the shortcuts on the home screen make this a totally functional theme. In fact, all of his themes are set up much the same way: the clock leads to clock options, the date leads to calendar, the battery to options, the signal meters to manage connections, the profile icon to set profiles.

At the bottom we have Contacts, Messages, Media. All very, very useful. Plus if you click on the little BB logo in the far left-hand corner, you bring up an 8 icon hidden dock. I can access almost everything I need to on my berry without leaving the home screen.


There are several other shortcuts built in to the theme by Al3azim. Spacebar launches QuickLaunch, $ launches SMS/MMS, @ launches Messages, ! launches BBM, and + launches Calculator.

The tiny little BB button brings up the dock and ESC hides it. Here is what the screen looks like with the 8 icon dock showing:

Here is the 8 icon dock which is activated by clicking the small BBlogo in the corner.

Some other important facts about Al3azim’s Newberry Theme for BlackBerry phones: this theme is for 9700 and 9650 phones running OS6. There is an OS5 version as well, so all you users who haven’t jumped into the OS6 pool yet, don’t fret!

The app screen is left intentionally blacked out, so no crazy wallpaper image gets in the way of your customizations. Change your home screen wallpaper and away you go. The app screen is clean and readable.


The app screen is left intentionally plain and clean.


The theme is FREE, as are all Al3azim’s themes. If you should download this and try it, or already use it, please leave me a comment as to how you like it! I absolutely love this one!

Here are the links for downloading:

Newberry Theme for BlackBerry 9700, 9650 by Al3azim OS6 OTA

Newberry Theme for BlackBerry 9700, 9650 by Al3azim OS5 Hidden Today version OTA

Newberry Theme for BlackBerry 9700, 9650 by Al3azim OS5 Non Hidden Today OTA

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