New IM+ for blackberry

New! Enjoy unique speech recognition option, which is now subscription available!

Dictate instant messages and exchange them with your friends!
Stay online in IM Push mode and save the battery life!

In this mode IM+ is not running, you remain online and continue receiving IMs as e-mails pushed to your BlackBerry Inbox, so you can reply to them right away.
New! Skype group chat.

Invite your friends to Skype group chat and enjoy conversation!
Twitter functionality.

View friends’ timeline, favorites, direct messages and replies. Post pictures and voice messages to your timeline!
Integration with BlackBerry Inbox for OS 4.6 and higher.

The last received IMs are placed in BlackBerry message inbox and you get immediate notification of incoming messages on the BlackBerry home screen.
Multilingual user interface in English, German, French and Spanish.

2 thoughts on “New IM+ for blackberry

  1. nice info!! I SERIOUSLY want to try this service out… Ive been wanting to try out a reliable skype service for my bb as I have gotten quite accustomed to chattin with my sis in NYC, my bro in DFW, as well as some friends around the globe.. my personal reason, to find a way to avoid so much data $$..i use unlimtd..but i would love to have a wifi capable service to call with… hmmm I need this one!!

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