Need a New BlackBerry Theme? Zapp!!! by HiFx Designs Gives You the Change You’re Looking For

If you are in a rut and new something new to brighten up your BlackBerry phone, well then Zapp!!!! it with a new theme called Zapp!!! by HiFx Designs. The theme is a very functional one that still allows for almost any wallpaper to shine through. Four different menu items allow you to chose exactly which icon you need and keep out of the way doing it.

Zapp!!! with user selected wallpaper and docks hidden

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If you look closely at the home screen, you can see the informational banner near the lower portion of the home screen. It includes the battery and signal meters, time, date and OCD slot which I have used for BerryWeather (paid app). Under that is the notification bar. The beauty of this theme are the 4 menu choices on the upper half of the home screen.

Zapp!! with user selected wallpaper

In this screen shot, you can see the choices of Gallery and Apps on the left and Messages and Today on the right. If you click on Gallery, the tray slides out to reveal 4 icons: Music, Pictures, Videos, Files. When you click Apps, you can line up your very own favorite 5 apps.

Zapp!! with the Gallery menu icon opened
Zapp!!! with the Apps menu choice opened on the home screen.

Choose an app icon with the white focus icon. On the other side of the home screen, Message opens your general Inbox and Today gives you a listing of items from the calendar and Inbox for your hidden Today. The theme is extremely functional and moves smoothly. The app screen and other screens in the theme are light grey in color.

App screen of Zapp!!!

If you are tired of the same old dock of icons on the bottom of the screen, or even of the hide able docks that you can make appear with key strokes, then this is the change you’ve been waiting for. Zapp!!! is out of the ordinary. There are transparent menus and other shortcuts built into the theme as well:
f – Facebook
t – Twitter
m – Manage connection
0 – Profile
$ – Messages
c – Clock
l – Lock

With the shortcuts and the sliding trays to click on and the OCD slot that you can HIDE (yes, it hides with w/e), and a screen full of wallpaper; well? What more do you need? Zapp!!! to it! Put this theme on your BlackBerry and see how easy it is to navigate your home screen.

Zapp!!! with user selected wallpaper

Go here to our very own BBE Mobihand store to purchase Zapp!!! for $1.49. This theme is also available for the following phones running OS5: 9700/9650/9630/8980/8910 with OS 5. Get Zapp!!! (ed) today!

Zapp with user selected wallpaper


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