Native Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry 10 arrives in Beta

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Fancy a native Facebook Messaging experience on your BlackBerry 10 device? Have no fear, NemOry is here! BlackBerry 10 developer Nem0ry decided to develop a native, third party Facebook Messenger app for BlackBerry 10. Today, he releases the first, public Beta BAR file. 

Having completed initial development of his 3rd party, native Snapchat app – Snap2Chat, Nem0ry brings us BlackBerry 10 users a sweet looking, feature packed Facebook Messenger app. Ironically, this app looks more aesthetically pleasing than the actual official Facebook Messenger app available on Android and iOS and once the Dev has completed implementing all the features he planned, it’ll be more feature packed than any other FB Messenger app on any other platform.

As this is the first Beta, features are limited but include real time sending and receiving chats, sound and LED notifications, ability to load previous, older messages and a filter to search and find your friends. The developer has also listed the features to come such as being able to attach files from services such as Dropbox, sending Stickers (BlackBerry Stickers, I presume) BBM integration and more.

A full list of features already included in this release and a list of features to come are in the link below. Remember, this is a BAR file, you will have to sideload this.

Click here/Read more to download the Facebook Messenger app for BlackBerry 10 devices.