Manage your BBM Channel from the web with BBM Channels Web Portal

BBM Channels Web Portal

With the recently announced BBM Channels available via the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BlackBerry has also added a web portal manager that lets you create new channels and manager your existing channel from the web, away from your device (or away from the app). The BBM Channels Web Portal also has a couple of features not yet added to the BBM Channels app.

BBM Channels Web Portal lets you delete comments and posts something not yet brought to the app, as there are a few other features I would like to see get added to BBM Channels, it is off to a great start and I like using it! Check out the screenshot below of the BBM Channels Web Portal:

BBM Channels Web Portal 2

With BBM Channels Web Portal you can:

  • Set up: Setting up a Channel is easy. Set up and manage one or more Channel directly on BBM or via the Channels Management Console.
  • Engage: Build an intimate and loyal following and broadcast with the immediacy and reliability of BBM.
  • Interact: Subscribers participate in the experience by commenting, liking and sharing your posts – and with optional 1-1 chat (Coming Soon) your subscribers can create a private and direct dialogue.
  • Measure: Monitor and measure all the interactions in your Channel to optimize the experience for your subscribers.

Head on over to the BBM Channels Web Portal to check it out yourself. Be sure to add the BlackBerry Empire official BBM Channel: PIN C00071CA4 and check out the newly revamped BlackBerry Empire forum.