Images of BlackBerry Bold 9720 Surface the Web


We mentioned a couple of days ago about the BlackBerry Bold 9720 being the BlackBerry 7 device that will be released later this year, now some images of the device have surfaced the web.

Specs of the device are set to follow the traditional BlackBerry 7 current devices running BlackBerry 7.1 OS, physical QWERTY keyboard, with a back/menu button and also a trackpad. Check out the rest of the BlackBerry 9720 images brought to us by the Thai BlackBerry Club:







4 thoughts on “Images of BlackBerry Bold 9720 Surface the Web

  1. Needs to be a 9990 os what it needed to be. A bold 9900 with better specs and bigger screen would have been the true ultimate and final os7 device. Not this scrap part collection.

  2. This device is rubbish. polishing up the 9900 form, adding a front facing camera for bbm video and an OS7.2 themed to atleast look like BB10 would have been an effort. BlackBerry is forever taking steps back and not forward. I’ve lost faith in Thor.

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