InstaNote – Quick! Write this down. “done”. n, oh

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Do you have an idea in mind? Before you forget your train of thought, you find the MemoPad application on your BlackBerry. You search through the home screen and the various folders needed to find and open the application. You jot down whatever it is that’s on your mind but before you can exit, you are required to title your quick idea.

InstaNote is a creative new application from qbotron that will add greater convenience and ease for those of you who want to dodge the current steps needed to access the MemoPad application. Once InstaNote is installed, you can set the left convenience key of your BlackBerry to launch InstaNote. You can then simply press and start typing your thoughts down right away. The best part is, InstaNote is deeply integrated with the native MemoPad application!

With InstaNote the process of saving text is simple:
1. Start InstaNote (convenience key)
2. Start typing (no title necessary)
3. Close to save (no prompt to save)

Watch our promo video at:

**OS 5 users: Please set the left convenience key to InstaNote for the best user experience.
(It can be set in options – Screen/Keyboard – “Left Side Convenience Key Opens:”)

Please note that the BlackBerry Torch, Style, or any of the new BlackBerry 7 smart phones do not have the left convenience key. InstaNote can be placed as an icon on the home screen for use.

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