Impact of Artificial Intelligence

woman working at home on laptop

Artificial intelligence has many uses in the modern world and many of these can touch people in ways they never realize. Some people walk around the various uses and it can enhance how they are able to do their jobs easier. This can be said to be true of Alexander Djerassi, who is an expert on the Middle East and Northern Africa internal issues. He has not produced any notable work on AI, but has learned so much about it and its impact on everyday life over the years. It is a topic that really captures his interest. 

Computer Communication

Many people may never know the amount of artificial intelligence that is in their simple communications on the computer. Whenever people have issues with spam, it is AI programs working in the background to make it better for people. The security measures have several examples of AI to protect them when they are using the video conference calling software for business or personal reasons. AI is able to see problems and start correcting them before a human would in many instances. This use is still being worked on, but this is the biggest way people see the software.

Medical Uses

DENDRAL is one of the earliest uses of artificial intelligence and was created in the 1960s. It was used to help organic chemists in discovering what unknown compounds were. Now medical usage of AI is going into the realm of diagnostic software and locating medical errors to help patients from suffering long term effects from them. The various applications are growing, though many do not realize the work has been ongoing for almost sixty years. This could increase the level of care for people in all walks of life, which means extending life in areas that go without.

Wildlife Preservation

There are many ways that AI is being used when it comes to wildlife management and robotic creatures. The population of bees has been having issues, which means scientists needed to find a solution. AI is being used in robotic bees to pollinate plants that were not able to be because of population declines. Another use is to track wildlife populations and allow people to know when there is a danger for these animals. This is being seen in combating poaching in many places all over the world. This knowledge will keep needed animals alive for much longer.

Many applications come into play when someone is able to understand what AI is able to be used for. This is how people like Alexander Djerassi are able to be of use in different areas. He has seen these uses first hand with how his family has used them in the past. These are the sort of people who can be the future leaders of movements that are necessary to create a modern world that evolves. Medical, communication, and wildlife are vastly different areas, but keep people alive and active. People just need to study the available options to see the many possibilities. Some people evaluate the various uses and it can make them able to do their jobs easier including contract digitization.