iGrann Beta 4 (Instagram client) now available for download on BlackBerry 10 devices


For all you folks that have been using the Instagram client app iGrann on your BlackBerry 10 device we want to let you know there is a new beta update waiting for you. This is the forth beta version of the app and as with the last few versions of iGrann this is a bar file so you will need to sideload it. This is a major update and the developer has included a change log which you can check out below.

Download iGrann beta version four here.

If you want to donate to Gaspertrix the developer of this great app you can do that through here. You can also follow @iGrann on Twitter to stay up to date on development of the app.

Here is the change Log:


  • Spark notification icon present after reading notifications (Fixed)
  • Some images are shown as liked (Fixed)
  • Following news do not load (Fixed)
  • Wrong image size in Active Frame (Fixed)
  • Feed reloads while scrolling (Fixed)
  • Image interval in active Frame is erratic (Fixed)
  • Error while posting when text contains some special chars (Fixed)


  • Mark notifications as read when News tab is visited (Implemented)
  • Allow to edit caption while reGranning (Implemented)
  • Double always like media (Implemented)
  • Vertical lines in Profile (Implemented)
  • Profile Picture can be edited (Implemented)
  • View Photo Tags (Implemented)
  • Photo Tagging (Implemented)
  • Mention suggestion while commenting (Implemented)
  • Battery improvents (Implemented)
  • Better notifications management (Implemented)
  • White image for Modern UI (Implemented)
  • Option to disable notifications (Implemented)
  • Download progress indicator (Implemented)
  • Grid View in Profile (Implemented)
  • Tag View in Profile (Implemented)
  • Auto load more media in Profile (Implemented)
  • Locations for Uploads (Implemented)
  • Auto share to Facebook (Implemented)
  • Auto share to Twitter (Implemented)
  • Share images to iGrann (Implemented)
  • Native media share (Implemented)
  • Copy share URL (Implemented)
  • Shortcut to Hide/Show bars (Implemented)
  • Option to change title bar color (Implemented)
  • Option to define active frame cycle interval
  • Pich to Zoom in Feed (Implemented)
  • And more…

Please remember this is is a beta release so not everything will be fully functional and features may not be available. BlackBerry Empire nor the developer is responsible for anything that may wrong.