Ideas to Promote Muay Thai in Thailand with Internet Marketing

Running marketing campaigns for the long run would be expensive affairs for small and media scale organizations. You need a big budget for the development of marketing content, collaterals, design artwork, etc. Additionally, the spending on the employee would add to the marketing cost. After looking at the final cost you might decide not to go this way.   

However, there are several marketing techniques you can adopt to gain more exposure and enjoy the benefit similar to the large marketing budget campaign. We have shortlisted some of the best marketing strategies you can apply this month to your brand exposure campaign.   

1) Blogging: This is one of the oldest and cost-effective content marketing strategies. Write well research content on the industry base topics. Use your blog to create awareness about the subject. You can mix the news and educational content so make people of different interests join your blog and participate in the discussion. Blogging gives complete freedom to express your views with full control of the content. You can update, re-write, and share the blog content as per your objective. Build an active community on your blog and make people join you to stay updated.   

2) Create Educational Videos: You can make high-quality video simply using your smartphones. Thanks to high flagship cheap smartphones. Video making has become cheap and it is accessible to everyone. Make education videos around your business topic and share it on Youtube. The Youtube will spread the word through their algorithm which enables you to reach a large audience in a few months. The only condition that you need to remember while making a video is to create a video that adds value to your viewers. Do not make promotional videos. People skip such video channels. Education video gets spread easily through social sharing.   

3) Join an active social group online: You will find several groups on Facebook, Linkedin, and Reddit. Join the relevant groups and share your views. The idea is to express your thoughts on the groups and build loyal followers. They will appreciate your contribution to the community. Become an influencer and reach a larger audience using the social groups and discussion forum   

4) Customer Referral Program: Referral marketing has proven an effective and affordable marketing strategy. Give your influencer and partners to promote your product in their community or network. in return, you allow them to earn a percentage on each sale. Referral marketing has the potential to bring a larger number of customers through word of mouth promotion. Use it wisely to reach your targeted audience.   

5) Industry Partnership: This is another way to collaborate with your partner and reach more customers through existing brands’ influence. When people see you partnered with a well-known brand, it transfers brand credibility to your brand and people will start trusting you. It will be a win-win situation for both the brand and eventually lead to business success. In many countries, people use industry partners to expand their business in other regions. It allows you to enter into a new region quickly and gain exposure.   

6) Google SEO: People search for the solution on Google. Google has spread across the world and drive billions of searches every day. Your potential users are also searching for the solution to their problem. Using Google SEO tactics you will be able to rank your website high in the search engine and generate more leads. People who are searching for services would visit your website and make a purchase. Top-ranked searches on Google are considered as relevant searches by users. The trust level of these searches would be high hence, customers would make purchases without any hesitation as they will be already aligned to buying.   

7) Host free webinar: When everyone is working from home, why not educate them using the free webinars. Conduct a 1-hour session for your industry niche users. There are several video conferencing applications out there for the webinars. Get premium membership of the webinars and host for your targeted users. The webinar would make people to aware of your brand and get more people to read your marketing content. When people get to know about your webinar, they will reach you to know more about you and see what kind of product you sell in the market.   

8) Giveaway: When you are new in the business and need instant exposure to your brand. Giveaway is what you should try to spread the brand name in the community. Everyone loves to receive a gift. Winning makes people happy and they participate in such giveaway enthusiastically. Use this opportunity to drive more customers through sharing. People who participate in the giveaway will join your campaign and share your brand name in their community to increase the chances of winning. If you got lucky your giveaway may become viral on the social sharing sites and you may have instant exposure through internet marketing.   

When it comes to promoting your business of Muay Thai in Thailand, internet marketing would be a great way to reach your potential buyers. Spread the word through social media sites, connect with your audience, educate people through blogs, and make them followers to your brand. When your user sees value in your product, they will stay connected to you.   

Take the help of internet marketing strategies and drive the audience who are already influence and ready to buy. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are some of the best internet-based marketing strategies that have billions of users from all across the world. These users are going to be your customer. When you show them what you got, they will visit your brand page to get more ideas about your product. Your website will become the landing point where people will stay connected and visit frequently. Using your blog to educate your audience is another way to bring more users on board.   

Muay Thai has become the best practice for the people who are looking to improve their health. People are curious to see what can help them to build a strong immune system. You can promote Muay Thai as a health development program. A Muay Thai camp website is and it use internet marketing. Targeting people who are traveling to Thailand would make them join your camp and participate in the learning program. Grab the opportunity and stay ahead of your competition.