How Web Finance Team Creates High Performing Websites For Businesses

Web Finance Team Shares Website Optimization tips

Having a website is one of the many internet opportunities business owners can leverage to grow visibility, expand their market, communicate with old and prospective customers, and attain brand credibility. While these might not be news, owning a high-performing website is a better upgrade. 

High-performing websites are mobile-friendly, have quick page load time, are easy to navigate, contain ingenious content, include optimized CTA buttons, and provide resourceful customer data. 

If you are looking to create a high-performing website, look no further. Web Finance Team, a tech-savvy group whose services include; website content development, consultation, publication, and other upgrades, is poised to give your business the best online outlook. Check out some techniques Web Finance Team uses to create high-performing websites.

Understanding the barriers to high website performance

Before we dive into the whole task of creating high-performing websites, we ensure that we have a good grasp of the reasons behind a website’s low performance. Low website performance can be due to various reasons, including poor framework choice, unoptimized webpages, SQLs or APIs, poor design of database, incapable hardware resources, or size of web traffic. 

These problems are peculiar and require specialized interventions. After identifying the lapses, we move in to solve them.

Creation of websites with faster page load time

According to research, the patience span of users loading a webpage lasts 3 seconds. Therefore, a guaranteed quick page load time is what you might need to increase traffic on your website. 

At Web Finance Team, we reduce page load time by using clean HTML documents, optimizing CSS performance, ensuring that large files placed on the website are compressed by resizing large images or excluding unimportant ones. It might also be necessary to check for and reduce external HTTP requests. 

When we need to fix a low-performing website, we generate a webpage report and use the findings to narrow down the problem. 

Upgrade database designs

Some low-performing website cases we dealt with showed that the developers had created a faulty database structure which is highly complex to fix. Thankfully, we at Web Finance Team confidently hold the reputation of problem solvers. 

To have an upgraded database design, we understand the foregrounding elements of the database and create primary key assignments and naming conventions accordingly. Also, we ensure that the design attributes are not conflicting by amending their atomicity where needed.      

Conducting website performance tests

Several online tools are suitable for testing website performance. These tools provide qualitative assistance in detecting defects in website performance. 

Some of them include Google PageSpeed Insights, WebPage Test, GTmetrix, dotcom-monitor, Sematext, Uptrends, and a host of others. The premium test reports generated upon applying these tools make website performance improvement easier. 

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Offering consultation services

Not only do we create or carry out fixes on websites, but our service options at Web Finance Team also include consultations. Under our portfolio, we give website development consultations to businesses seeking to create high-performing websites or optimize their website performance.

Our glowing reviews are evidence of the cutting-edge advice we offer in creating high-performing websites. 

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