How to Use OKRs To Increase Website Engagement

Advanced technology has enhanced how we do business and led to the development of online platforms for swift services and market extension. As a result, there have been numerous digital platforms that businesses use to interact with customers. 

The website has been the most common platform where businesses provide relevant information to customers and display their products for sale. For this reason, marketing departments are using the OKRs framework to enhance customer management in an efficient and focused manner.  

What Are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results is a methodology used to set goals and devise ways to achieve them. The SEO OKR’s framework is popular among teams, companies, and individuals. 

Chiefly, the objective describes what you wish to achieve. Note that the objective you set should be ambitious, time-bound, actionable, and qualitative. 

Further, the Key Results are the different ways you will measure your progress towards the objective. The key results should be achievable and quantitative. In most cases, each objective has around three key results 

OKR Examples Covered

Example 1 suitable for a company

Objective; Improve the customer service by the end of the year. 

Key Results

  • Take less than an hour to resolve customer issues
  • A 50% faster data processing on the company app than in the previous quarter. 
  • Improve on the Net Promoter Score in nth nest quarter

Example 2 for Marketing

Objective: Increase online reach in the next quarter

Key Results

  • Get 20% more clicks on the site than in the previous quarter
  • Increase subscribers and followers on social media platforms by 10k
  • Double the rate of interactions as compared to the previous quarter. 

Example 3 for sales

Objective: Achieve $100k in monthly recurring revenue this year

Key Results

  • Improve on customer retention by 25% 
  • Increase subscriptions by 15%
  • Reduce the churn rate from 3% to 1%

Increase Website Engagement

If your company has a website with ambitious objectives, you should increase engagement and visitors. The best way to achieve this is to measure the progress towards the objectives through the following indicators. 

  • The Bounce rate: The bounce rate is a key performance indicator that shows the number of visitors who visit but don’t interact. Therefore, you can target these visitors and ensure they interact with the products or support. So, if you have a 70% bounce rate, reducing it to 35% would significantly impact the website engagement.
  • The number of views- Your search engine optimization should increase the page views. Therefore, if you put more effort into SEO, you are likely to increase engagement. You need to increase the number of views on your website at a given time. 
  • The pages per visit- The page visits provide feedback on the relevance of your website content. Therefore, you should regularly update your site with relevant content to increase pages per visit and ultimately impact engagement. 

Objectives and Key Results provide the desired results when created and implemented in the right way. Find out the best OKR framework for your site to improve engagements and increase sales. Keep track of the progress and make improvements and changes where necessary.