How To Sideload Google Play Client Snap For Android Apps On BlackBerry 10

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With the launch of OS 10.2.1, BlackBerry brought the ability to install Android apps straight from the device. However, many in the community wanted to go a step further with access to Google Play — enter Snap. Snap is a native BlackBerry 10 application which allows you to download free and previously purchased apps from Google Play. Unfortunately, it can’t be downloaded from BlackBerry World, but we’ll show you how to sideload it from your computer.

In order to do this, you’ll need to make sure you have a number of things ready:

  • A BlackBerry 10 device running OS or above.
  • The latest Snap .BAR file, can be obtained here.
  • A tool for sideloading. Option 1 is the Google Chrome BB10/PlayBook App Manager extension (requires Chrome 18.0+, a WiFi network that both your computer and phone are connected to). Option 2 is the DDPB application (PC-only, requires a USB connection, .NET Framework 2.0 or above, and Java Runtime Environment 6).

Once you have everything set, start by putting your device into Development Mode. Both methods of sideloading will require this, so it’s best to get it out of the way before we continue. In order to do this, go into the Settings app and find the Security and Privacy section.


Once you’re in the appropriate section, you’ll find the Development Mode at the bottom of the page, so go ahead and enter that page.


On the Development Mode page, you’ll see a toggle. We want this toggle enabled, so go ahead and turn it on. If your device has a password, it will request that you enter it. If not, it’ll ask you to set a password, which you’ll need to remember for later.


If you’ve done everything correctly, you should get a notification telling you that Development Mode has been enabled on the device. Now we can go ahead and proceed with the actual process of sideloading.

Option 1: Google Chrome extension

If you haven’t already done so, start by downloading the extension here. A small BlackBerry logo should show up in your toolbar once it’s installed, which you can hit to access the extension options. If the logo doesn’t show up, just go to the Settings menu of Google Chrome and look for it under the Extensions tab on the left.


Once you’re in the Extensions menu, look for the BB10/PlayBook App Manager, and select Options.


After that, you’ll be taken to the options screen for the extension. Here, you’ll need to entire your device’s IP address in the Hostnames/IPs field.


This can be found in the Settings app, on the About page.


In the About page, hit the Category dropdown and switch to Network.


Once you’re in the Network category, look for your IPv4 address under the Wi-Fi heading. If there is a forward-slash followed by some numbers after the address, ignore those and only use the numbers prior to the slash. As mentioned earlier, both your computer and your BlackBerry 10 device must be connected to the same WiFi network for this to work, as this extension will send the app over your WiFi network to the phone.


Once you have the address, make sure to input it into the Hostnames/IPs field in the extension options and hit the Save button. IPs for other devices in the future can be added by separating them with a comma. When you’ve saved the IP, a link will be generated at the bottom of the page.


If you’ve followed this tutorial correctly, then you should already have Development Mode enabled. If not, you’ll need to enable it now before you can click on the generated link. Once you click on the link, it will request the device password set when Development Mode was enabled.  Go ahead and input that password, then hit Log In.


Once you’ve logged in and the extension has loaded, the process is straightforward. Go find the Snap .BAR file you downloaded at the beginning, then drap and drop it underneath the Install Apps heading.


And there you have it, after a short while the app should show up on the last screen of your device’s app drawer. For security purposes, it might be best to disable Development Mode at this point. A quick rundown of how to use the app can be found at the end of this How-To, after the text for Option 2.

Option 2: DDPB (PC-only)

Though DDPB’s developer has long abandoned the application, it still serves as a good method of sideloading for anyone who doesn’t wish to use Google Chrome or doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network to use. As mentioned at the beginning, you’ll need to download and install DDPB here, then make sure your device is hooked up to your computer via USB with Development Mode enabled. If DDPB doesn’t work when starting it, make sure your PC has .NET Framework 2.0 or above and Java Runtime Environment 6 installed.


Once you have DDPB working, you should see a screen like the one above. It requires an IP address and password just like the Google Chrome extension, but the IP address here is different since this is a USB connection. To find the IP address for this, go back to the Development Mode screen we accessed at the beginning (Settings>Security and Privacy>Development Mode).


As you can see, this screen has a different IP address listed — this is the address you need. So, go ahead and input that IP address into DDPB along with the password you set when enabling Development Mode. Once you’ve done that, hit the Connect button. Your OS version and PIN number should show up underneath if you’ve done everything correctly.


With that done, now you want to hit the Add button near the top of the application. This will open a separate screen, where you’ll need to navigate to the directory where you’ve saved the Snap .BAR file. Select the file and press Open. This should add the app to the list, as seen above. Now you need to tick off the checkbox next to the app, and hit the Install button at the bottom. A pop-up will show you how far the sideloading process has progressed — give it a bit of time. Once it’s done, another pop-up will alert you to the fact.


The app should now appear on the last page of your device’s app drawer, as seen above. Now that you’re done, it might be a good time to disable Development Mode for security purposes. If you want a quick tutorial on how to use Snap, keep on reading.

Using Snap

Snap login

In order to use Snap, you’re going to need a Google Account. If you don’t already have one, you can make one quite easily here. Accounts with two-step verification enabled will need to create an application-specific password, which can be done here by hitting the Settings button for App passwords. All other accounts can just enter their regular username and password into the fields provided, then hit Sign In.


Once you’re in the app, you can go ahead and browse whatever apps you like and install them. A few things to keep in mind however:

  • Not all apps will work. Some will require Google Play services, which are not available in the Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10.
  • If you want to download a paid app, you must first buy it through Google Play on your computer or on another Android device.
  • Every time an app is downloaded, by default the installation file (also known as the APK file) is kept on your device, unless it is a paid app. If you want to avoid cluttering your device storage, swipe-down from the top of the screen to access the app settings, then scroll to the bottom and switch Post-Install Behavior to Delete APK. You can also clear the cache on this screen to further save storage space in the future.

And that’s everything you need to know to get Snap working on your BlackBerry 10 device. Now you can enjoy access to hundreds of thousands of additional apps on your phone. If you have any questions on the process just drop a comment below and we will be glad to assist you!

Note: If you are running OS 10.2 and lower we suggest you follow this or this guide.

Need further assistance? Ask in the BlackBerry Empire forums or drop a comment below.

165 thoughts on “How To Sideload Google Play Client Snap For Android Apps On BlackBerry 10

  1. HELP! I keep trying to log in but the app deletes the email field and then I get an error saying that I require a valid email to login. any ideas or users solve this issue?

  2. When i try to install some apps it says “Download failed because the resources could not be found” What does it mean and how do i fix it?

  3. How do I do this on a mac?

    When I download snap, it says that it can’t open the file, or that I have to choose a program to open it. I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Help!!!

    1. To my knowledge, Option 1 should work on a Mac, since Google Chrome is available for Mac. If you read through the tutorial you’ll see that you don’t have to open the file, you’ll just have to drag and drop it into the utility once everything is set up.

  4. I also get the error “Download failed because resources could not be found”. On another app that requires data to be downloaded, it says that there’s no network connectivity but I have 3G. Does this have something to do with Google Play services? I used 1mobile to get the apps, if it helps.

  5. When trying to connect my BlackBerry z10 to the DDPB, after inputting my IP address and Password, it’s telling me ‘java is not recognized as an internal or external command. Please what do I do. Thanks

  6. Go to this site and install the “free java” even if you think you have it.

    Next, follow these instructions I used from a mine craft forum, someone had same error and this worked for me.

    1. go to start, right click on the computer and choose properties
    click on advanced system settings
    go to advanced and click on environment Variables button

    2. press the first new… button
    Variable name = Path
    Variable value = C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin
    press ok
    (you might need to reboot your computer)

    You should now show Connected (C).

  7. Many thanks for the instructions. It was straightforward and it worked a treat. I had done this on a mac without any issues whatsoever.

    Awesome and brilliant Blackberry software & flexibility meets the massive android library of apps. I think it’s time for the iOS department to start shitting bricks…

    Keep up the great work

  8. Thanx 1ce again for the well explained tutorial and its working perfectly fine…never the less…have you by any chance managed to make the z10 install play store on there devices?

  9. Download failed because the resources could not be found…how to fix trying to download respawnables 2…please contact me as soon as possible…snap is already install on my bb z30

  10. it says ” ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external comand…” what can i do to make it run?…ASAP!!..

    1. Had the same issue with the Windows DDPB program under Windows 7, 64 bit. Have you tried using the google chrome extension?

  11. No WiFi on computer so I used the USB address in the Chrome extension. Logged into the device but the file does not show up in the file list even though the browser shows the file listed in downloads.

    1. Need to click on the Install Apps button which will then bring up a file selector list box. You can then search for the file from there, select it and it will install.

  12. Unable to use both the options.First method, i had struck while clicking on generated link,Chrome says webpage not available.
    Second method,though i am connected to USB,ping to that IP address is failing.Please help

  13. I have download it just fine and have logged in and download a game then clicked on open installer and all it does is say processing and thats it nothing else please help me !!!!

  14. i have been trying to use the 2 methods. while the first one keep giving me webpage not available the other keeps comming with error “unable to access jarfile C:\Users\ogbenimoyo\Downloads\bar\BarDeploy.jar” please assist

  15. Thanks for posting this process for people like me. I tried doing it from another site but I was lost before I got very far. Your step-by-step instructions were very clear and very easy to follow. Your links and screenshots helped a lot, too. Thank you very much. Snap is now loaded on my Blackberry Z30!

  16. i side loaded Snap into me righty Z10 successfully but i’m finding it difficult to download thelp me on how to solve this issue.e right apps. if i should download instagram, i will end up gettin something else like and the list goes on. please h

  17. thanks a lot it worked perfectly – if i purchase a paid app through google play (in order to get it on the blackberry), how does it actually move to my bb?

  18. hie thnx for the help as for me i hv manager to install the snap on my z10 but its failing to download the apps its keepin on stating download error what could be the problem. asap

    1. How did you manage to put the Snap on your playbook? I am having an issue when I try sideloading it. It keeps saying “failure 821 Application-Requires-System: unrecognized system name ‘BlackBerry 10′”

  19. Please I need your help. Whenever I try installing a downloaded Apk file, my Q10 says Installion failed because th package is already installed, and it’s not installed. Please help me out,,,, Please

  20. Hi, the app works fine but just noticed that some Android apps are only working on wifi and not network 3
    G/4G ! Is there something I can do to fix this ? Thanks

  21. OK, specifically, how do you fix the,”Download failed because the resources could not be found.” error. Im looking in here and I see no specific answer. Both apps I got do this from snap. How to fix? Im ready to toss this BlackBerry for a s5. BlackBerry z30, running STA100-2

  22. You folks are lifesavers. I got snap loaded onto my Z10, then the pebble app, and a weather watchface. Everything worked exactly as described, including the installation of all apps. Merry Christmas!

  23. Working 100 %, steps are easy and done in 5 minutes.

    Welcome back Android apps.

    Thank you very much for the great support.

  24. Hi
    I tried connecting my playbook with both USB ip address and wi-fi address.getting the same error message” webpage not available”. Please help!!!!!

  25. Hi! I managed to download the Snap, but when I try to download some of the apps, it says that they are already installed. Any tips on how to fix this?

  26. Hi, I followed all your steps and I sideloaded snap successfully but can’t seem to be able to install any file…it keeps showing ‘processing’ on d screen when I click on ‘open installer’. plss help!

  27. I download an apk app using snap on my BB Z10, but got an installation error “installation failed because package already installed”
    I dont understand what is wrong with this app. Other apk apps can be installed successfully. Anyone can help me out?Thanks

  28. so easy to understand .
    and I did all this and it work but when I install snapchat it keep saying that I need google play .
    please help me .

  29. Hi

    I’ve installed Snap which seems to work fine, but when I’m installing apps from it and open them they give me this message “this app won’t run without Google Play services, which are missing from your phone”. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix it?

  30. I have download snap and its running well but I want to play clash of clans game on my blackberry z3 so I want to load my game on blackberry z3 but it can be able because it needs a google play services so how do I solve this problem?
    plz help me

  31. There are many android applications that just will not work under BB10. I use snap and ran into the issue with not having Google play services. Even after installing the service and Google settings, the apps would install but would not launch.

  32. How to get Google play services installed in z10,is it better to leave blackberry n go to any android cheap phone for better usage of Google sites.

  33. After installing snap, I tried to install some apps from snap store but its showing android installer not found on your device i’m using anyone have solution for this? Thanks in advance..

  34. Firstl thanx v m! Took me 10-15 minutes and worked first time. thank you so much. used the Wifi method just buy making my phone the hotspot so and connecting the laptop to it.

    I download Worldmate which flashes up a dialogue box saying it needs to Google Play services to run and your (BB Passport) phone does not have it.

    Touching anywhere in the screen gets rid of the message and the app works perfectly. The dialog box flashes up when you move screens wonder if there is a way to suppress it?

    Anyway, great job!!

  35. thank you for the excellent instruction. snap installed and logged in with google account smoothly. Found and installed fitbit app but when launching fitbit i am left with a blank screen. I can swipe out to the menu but it seems the fitbit app hangs. I am using a blackberry q10 v10.3.1.1865


  36. never mind…i solved my own problem. just restarted the q10 and a little patience when launching the fitbit app as it takes a bit of time for it to load the first time around 🙂

  37. Thank you works amazing is there anyway to get Snapchat to work says you need Google play service I know u said it wouldn’t but I am sure somebody knows how

  38. Guys, please help. I have done the above steps. I am now playing COC on Z3. But my problem is how can i sync my previous clan played in Android into Z3? Is there any way? The Google sign-in does not work even if I am logged thru Snap using my Google account. Anybody knows how to solve this issue? 🙁 … In desperate need of help

  39. The second option works great! Updated Clash of Clans on my BBZ10 using the second method without losing any progress. Thank you!!!

  40. Hi There,

    Was following the first option ( doesn’t seem to be working) and got right to the end, but for some reason I cannot find the file in the Playbook App Manager.. tried downloading it twice, didn’t work. Trying to install on a BB Z10. Have the 10.3 software installed.. If anyone can help? Thanks!

  41. It doesn’t work for me at all. I instaled it fine, but after that I can’t log in. Everytime with many accounts it’s always succesfully log in and then pop up with message “your Google account password has changed. Please log in again” and that’s all. I tried app password and same problem. Only loading and few icon that do nothing. I have q10 os Please help me.

  42. Hi TRAC479, I’m trying to use Snap on a Passport and have the exact same problem as you: Snap Bar file installed fine (used Sachesi) and after successfully logging in with my Goggle account and password get the pop-up “your Google account password has changed. Please log in again” followed by a blank screen except for “Loading…” on the bottom of the screen that persists until I close Snap. Hope someone can help!

  43. Yo there, Snap is gone. The aren’t releasing with cadence to keep up with google’s BS. Just find another storefront for googleplay apps.

    All Snap was doing was installing apk files for you (it’s an app that installs apps). So get another app to do that for you. I’ve been using apkpure:

    Load the app, and then use it to browse/search for other apps

  44. Hi
    I tried installing SNAP, the Google Chrome way. snap started unzipping and stopped midway with a message “THIS IS NOT A ZIP FILE”. process was terminated. please advise.

  45. I instaled it fine, but after that I can’t log in. Everytime with many accounts it’s always succesfully log in and then pop up with message “your Google account password has changed. Please log in again” and that’s all. I tried app password and same problem. Only loading and few icon that do nothing. I have classic os Please help me

  46. When trying to connect my BlackBerry z10 to the DDPB, after inputting my IP address and Password, it’s telling me ‘java is not recognized as an internal or external command. Please what do I do. Thanks

  47. I have installed snap but I am not able to login. If I provide valid credentials also it throws error like invalid user id, password. And at times throws message like your password has been changed!!! Kindly help me in this regard fed up of trying login

  48. Yo there, Snap is gone. The aren’t releasing with cadence to keep up with google’s BS. Just find another storefront for googleplay apps.

    All Snap was doing was installing apk files for you (it’s an app that installs apps). So get another app to do that for you. I’ve been using apkpure:

    Load the app, and then use it to browse/search for other apps

  49. Download tutuapp latest version for android and ios devices to install paid apps and games for free. Click on the below link to download directly.

  50. after sideloading, i could see the app on my BB10 10.3 but would not open, closes up again in a flash. what do i do

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