How to Mail a Letter: A Simple Guide

We live in a digital world where no one thinks twice about posting social media posts or shooting 20 emails per day, but there is still the occasional need to send a letter or bill through the U.S. mail system. The art of letter writing is making a comeback as we spend more time isolated from our loved ones.

If you’ve never written and mailed something, then you might not know where to start. Do you know how to address it or where to take it for mailing? Don’t worry. We’ve developed this guide to help you understand how to set up and mail a letter. Mailing something is easier than you think.

Start With The Envelope When Mailing Something

When you mail something, you can either use an envelope or a postcard. A postcard is a self-contained mailing item. You write on the postcard and send the postcard through the mail. If you have a letter or bill you need to mail, then you’ll need an envelope.

There are envelopes of every size and color, so choose one that fits the letter best. If you’re mailing a bill, then it may have an envelope in the bill already. It will have all the information on it, and you just need to put on a stamp and mail it.

Choose an envelope that fits the mood of the letter. If it’s professional, then a plain white envelope will do, but if it’s a party invitation, then choose a more colorful variety.

Address and Seal the Envelope

You know have the letter in the envelope, so you need to seal it. The envelope may have an active adhesive that you peel off and seal, or it may have a sealant that must first be damp to activate.

You can either lick the envelope or use a sponge or other item to dampen it.

You need to put the name and address of the person getting the letter in the front center of the envelope. It needs to be in pen, legible, and complete with address, city, state, and zip code. If it isn’t, then the post office may not send it.

It’s important to avoid these mailing mistakes.

You should also put your name and complete address in the upper left corner of the envelope.

Stamps and the Cost of Mailing a Letter

The post office only mails letters that are properly stamped. A stamp is affixed in the right corner. If you use a Forever Stamp, then you only need one. Heavier letters may need additional stamps.

You can also send the mail in different classes or certified. You may wonder how to send something certified mail. You must visit the post office to have the letter certified and pay extra.

Businesses have machines from the post office that stamps the envelope with proper postage.

Sending Your Letter

Once the letter is stamped, filled out, and sealed, you can send it. You can visit a post office and send it from there. There are also post boxes located throughout your city that you can place it into, or you can leave in your mailbox for the mailman to take it.

Mailing something is as simple as that. If you want to learn more information about sending a letter, please explore our site.

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