How To Enable/Disable Browser Disk Cache On BlackBerry 10

Disk Cache

This how to will show you how to enable and disable browser disk cache on your BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry Q10 device on the BlackBerry 10 OS. First off what is disk cache and why having it enabled or disabled makes a difference in your BlackBerry browsing experience. What is “cache”:

A browser’s “Cache” is used for the temporary storage of Web pages on your hard disk.

The first time you view a web site, the page(s) is retrieved from the Web. If you request this same page again, the browser first checks to see it has already visited that page in the recent past, If so, the device attempts to read the page from its “cache”, instead of spending the extra time to download it again.

For example, if you use the Back button to re-display a page, cache can display the page more quickly than retrieving the page from the Web a second time.

Sometimes you might NOT want a page to be retrieved from cache. The page you displayed initially may be different than the page currently offered by the Web. If a modification to a particular URL has occurred, you may want the updated page rather than the copy in cache. via Bower Web Solutions

Earlier today, I was posting on BlackBerry Empire, so were other editors, but my browser would show posts from the day before it wasn’t showing the latest posts. At first I thought it was the site but it was showing the latest posts on other desktop computers, so I then thought to myself how do I clear cache on my BlackBerry 10 browser. I later found there is a enable/disable Disk Cache feature built into the BlackBerry 10 browser. As soon as I disabled (toggled off) Disk Cache what do you know, all the latest articles were showing on the browser, at last.

As mentioned earlier having it turned on could definitely increase loading page speed which is a huge advantage since we all prefer the fastest when it comes to browsing the net. However, having it on could cause issues such as not showing the “latest” and “most updated”. That’s why we have options on BlackBerry 10.

To turn on/off disk cache on BlackBerry 10’s browsers you open up the browser and tap settings:
Browser Settings

Upon settings you hit Developer Tools:
Developer Tools

After entering developer tools there you have it, Web Inspector, Desktop Mode and Disk Cache:

Disk Cache