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If you’re anything like me, you live on a laptop at home and surf on a workstation while on the job. (Gosh, I sure hope my boss isn’t reading this!) If you come across a link you’d like to have on your BlackBerry; say to download a file, there is an easy way to get it to your berry. Home To Phone is Epic Application’s newest app for all BlackBerry phones.

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The app allows one to send links from your desktop to your phone and even opens the phone’s browser instantly to display the link. There is also a one-click dialing feature that allows you to highlight a phone number on a web page, and send it to your phone. From there it’s one click to dial. Or save links from your BlackBerry browser and send them to your desktop to be read at a later date.

For the app to operate effectively, you must have administrator’s rights to your computer so you may install a small client download of software. The browser support is for Firefox at this time and support for Chrome coming soon. The app has a trial version found here Home To Phone which is good for three sent links from your Berry to your desktop. It only took one time for me to realize that the days of composing email to myself to send links were over!

Home To Phone is available in the BlackBerry App World and at Mobihand for $2.99 and is on Sale currently for only $.99.  It is compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0 and up.

Using Firefox, right click on link and choose Send to Phone
Link is sent to phone and opens up same page on phone as on your pc

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