Hi-Tech Logistics Solutions for a Range of Business Sectors

Emerging technologies are spawning new industries, one of which is the hi-tech logistics sector, something that demands specific skillsets in order to assemble, transport, position, install and configure a wide range of technical equipment. When you are going to install an automated access control system or a touch-screen vending machine, for example, you do need specialised logistics who can tailor their services to suit the client. Here are just a few of the services you would expect from a leading white glove logistics company.

  • Data Centre Installation & Relocation – Many large UK companies require data centres, and as their data collection is ongoing, the best solution is often to relocate to a larger venue. The client might require the logistics company to receive the equipment at the factory and transport the equipment to its new home, or they might need to have the server banks disassembled, packed, transported to the new venue, installed and configured, ready for testing. One such company can be found at https://www.rhenus-hightech.co.uk/, who happen to be one of the UK’s leading hi-tech logistics providers with an excellent reputation.
  • Final Mile & Positioning – Large technical equipment does require specialised handling and while the manufacturer will deliver to the site, you need a team of industry specialists to take on the final-mile and positioning. When the equipment is in place, the team can install, configure and test the equipment, and even train employees how to use the system. Data security is always an issue, as this article on protecting your data highlights.
  • WEEE IT Disposal – Many companies are faced with a headache when it comes to upgrading their IT hardware, and rather than risk non-compliance, it is wiser to call in a specialist that is government approved to collect and dispose of IT and electrical equipment. There are, of course, very specific rules and regulations about WEEE disposal, which ensure compliance.
  • Installation of Systems – These would include access control systems that you would find at Tube and train stations, as well as at public buildings, plus they are able to install touch-screen information boards, vending machines and even LED advertising screens. This equipment can only be installed by manufacturer-approved technicians who work for the white glove logistics company, and regardless of location, or the extent of the service, the white glove provider has you covered. State-of-the-art fitness equipment is another sector that the white glove logistics company transport and install, configuring each piece of equipment and testing, ready for use.
  • Reverse Logistics – In the event the end user wishes to return technical equipment to the manufacturer, the white glove provider would return the equipment as instructed, or if old equipment has to be recycled, then this can be arranged.

As we move into a new era of digitalisation, businesses require specialised logistics, which can be provided by a leading hi-tech logistics expert who has both the know-how and the equipment to carry out the work. If you are ever in need of such a service, a Google search will help put you in touch with a leading white glove logistics company,