Hand Hammered Films Presents: “It’s Not a Toy”

Hand Hammered Films, a New York independent film company dedicated to telling compelling and provocative stories has released an independent commercial for BlackBerry.

Based on the new BlackBerry tagline “Tools, Not Toys”, they decided to produce their own video,

This ad reflects a badly needed shift in BlackBerry’s strategy—a return to its base: the serious, achievement-oriented user. People who mean business don’t play with toys.” – Hand Hammered Films

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Entitled “It’s Not a Toy” and the tagline, “Playtime’s Over, Achieve Something” , Hand Hammered Films states:

“BlackBerry provides reliable and secure services for business professionals—a discrete, discriminating audience that values substance over style and quality over novelty. So why position it against every game-cluttered, app-infatuated, schmooze-obsessed “smartphone” out there? When you try to please everyone, you please no one.”  – Hand Hammered Films