Firestarter? A look at Burn the City for the BlackBerry PlayBook [Video Review]

[Mobile Viewing]

How would you like to spit fire balls? Now you can on your BlackBerry PlayBook with “Burn the City”.  Burn the City is a “physics puzzle action” game. In other words, you’ll need skills and a bit of your brain power to get through the levels.

If you haven’t watch the video review, the best advice is for you not to go at the target head on. Use archery technics, shooting over the desired target to hit bullseye. This game is fun and is a great way to kill time but be careful because you might easily lose track of time as you go on a conquest to burn cities down.

The Good: Because it is a physics puzzle action game, it requires thinking and strategizing. Though it’s not complicated, you certainly can’t expect to blast through the levels with your eyes closed. Since time is a factor, you’ll be reacting quick in efforts to maintain high scores.

The Bad: Though you do have 45 levels, there hasn’t been any updates or added levels since the release of the application.

Finale: The gameplay is smooth and the game is fun. Match that up with it’s price point at $0.99, you can’t go wrong.