Everything You Need To Know About BOC 3 Filing For Transportation Companies

A BOC 3 filing is a federal filing procedure in the USA that aims to assign an agent for taking imperative legal decisions on behalf of a logistic/transportation company. This includes accepting legal documents so that a company can feasibly run its core business activities in each state other than it is primarily authorized to do business. It is a mandatory filing procedure for any logistic or transportation company to gain full authority over operations.

BOC-3 Process Agent

If you are wondering what is a BOC-3 process agent and how it can be beneficial on your business end to acquire professional services, then read the article carefully.

If you are running a transportation business that is designated to offer logistic services to different states, then you must choose a reliable service of a process agent. And it is known as ‘FMCSA Agent.” An SOP agent is legally empowered to help your business conduct its transportation activities across different states. 

An SOP agent can be an organization or individual who is fully authorized to handle legal documents on the behalf of a principal. A process agent is physically located and available in a state in which you wish to operate your business.

Filing BOC-3 Form via FMCSA website

If you are looking to file your BOC 3 form via the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, then you are required to provide the below-mentioned information:

  • Full Name and business address of your broker/carrier/freight forwarder.
  • The credentials of the person who is authorized to sign.
  • Details of a SOP agent, like whether it’s an individual or organization, street address of each state, listed as a blanket designation or individually, etc.

The BOC-3 Agent Cost

The average cost of appointing a professional BOC-3 agent is $20-$100. The precise answer to how much a BOC-3 agent cost depends on the scope of service. If you are looking to acquire additional compliance services from a professional SOP agent, then you can expect a high fee structure. 

Further, fee structure varies depending on a number of factors. Some FMCSA agents charge annual fees for each legal document handled while other processing agents charge a one-time filing fee. When it comes to an additional fee, it includes address change fees, a fee for expediting the BOC-3 filing process, a fee to get business operations run quickly in different states, etc. 

Acting as Own Process Agent

Normally, this question arises a lot whether you can act as your own processing agent or not. Then, the answer is quite simple. You get to work as your own agent if you are operating in a base state only. To be a process agent, you need to have a physical address where you are looking to offer process services during routine business hours. For instance, if you have dual state nationality, then you can act as a processing agent in that particular two states. 

How Long Does It Take For BOC-3 Filing

In today’s digital era, it doesn’t take a lot of time to conduct a task electronically. As long as you are able to completely fill the BOC-3 form and file it electronically via the FMCSA website, you will receive a mail document pertaining to the information of the operating authority in no time. Typically, it can take from 2 to 3 business days to get the operating authority documents. However, if it takes more than 10 days, then you shall directly contact the FMCSA. Besides, you can also check on the FMCSA Licensing & Insurance website. 

Picking the Right Process Agent

If you are wondering how to select the right process agent to help you file a BOC-3 filing under the US Department of Transportation, then you shall not worry. Several professionals and authorized companies are working to offer processing services within the transportation industry. You can ask for recommendations from other businesses in the transportation industry or search online. 

It is recommended to select a processing agent that can offer prompt response, ensure the secure handling of legal documents, and can go beyond statutory requirements to fully serve the needs of your business without asking for additional charges. Finally, choose someone who can value the privacy of your business.