Enjoy the Minimal for a Beautiful Berry- Premium Themes by Dohzen

Theme creator Dohzen is known for straight-forward, simple, minimalist themes. I will be showing our readers two of Dohzen’s themes today; both Kwais and Fixil Dreem.  These themes are wallpaper-friendly and smooth, using simple little indicators on the home screen and leaving you all the room you wallpaper mavens desire.

Default home screen for Kwais


Simple and clean, Kwais makes it easy to know where you’re at. Date and time; tastefully on the larger side (thank god!) for those of us who find size 6 font a bit too teeny, a permanent OCD or weather slot, a notification bar and battery and signal meter indicators (represented by the heart and flower, respectively). Kwais is a wallpaper-lover’s dream.

Kwais with user selected wallpaper.

The theme features a new set of OS7 icons which are not the regular set, re-worked new message indicators, and of course, the re-worked battery and signal icons. The app screen is black and the icons easily distinguishable.

Kwais with user selected wallpaper

Another minimalist theme by Dohzen is Fixil Dreem. It is available in a full OS6 trays and no trays version. I have the no trays version on display here. When you see the home screen, you will see why it’s called the theme for cult-art junkies. Think pixels.

Fixil Dreem default home screen

The home screen has the same funky-type battery and signal meters on the left side. There is a permanent OCD slot in the upper right corner. Notification bar at the bottom. That’s it. Again, wallpaper junkies (whether you are cult art fans of not!) will love this home screen because of all the ways you can dress it up.

Fixil Dreem with user selected wallpaper

The unusual thing about Fixil Dreem are the pixel-text icons. Dohzen has created a set of text icons that pop on the black app screen.

App screen Fixil Dreem
More Fixil Dreem icons

My favorite icons? tik/toc for the clock and ding/dong for ringtones! So creative! Also, the messages lists for email contains the yellow block icons for each unread message. Once it is read, the blocks turn to white. So many little color and shape features in this theme. The icons alone will have you glancing at your phone for hours!

Kwais and Fixil Dreem are just two of many creative and unusual minimalist themes from theme maker Dohzen. (He also created fokclear and fokheart; two of my favorites). All his work can be purchased at App World or Mobihand.

Fixil Dreem

To purchase Kwais, go here.
To purchase Fixil Dreem, go here.

The themes are available for 9650, 9700, and 9780 running OS6.

Fixil Dreem

Enjoy a minimalistic theme and your wallpaper at the same time. Check out Dohzen’s themes today for your Berry and step out in style!





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