Download and Install Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 device from the Amazon Appstore


Since the release of which leaked a few hours ago, users have found that BlackBerry has included a feature which allows the users to install APKs directly from your BlackBerry 10 device.

First of all, let me say that I LOVE THIS feature. I think with the exception of Google Play not coming to BlackBerry, the fact that a single user can install an APK directly from their phone helps the process of actually running Android apps 90% easier. Ofcourse, having Google Play access, arguably would be the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, we don’t have Google Play. What we do have, however, is third party Android app Stores which include the likes of the Amazon App Store and 1Mobile Market.

Me and James over at BerryFlow were discussing the OS in particular and we wondered whether or not third party Android App Stores will work. I’ve tested 1Mobile Market and I can confirm that downloading an app directly from the app will work and the app will immediately proceed to install via the official BlackBerry APK installer. I downloaded and successfully installed the AutoTrader app from 1Mobile and had the same result with Candy Crush Saga from the Amazon Appstore.

This may the best alternative we have right now as opposed to a Google Play Store app. Although people have been acquiring APKs by all means, whether it was using the Google Chrome Plugin including their website, installing BlueStacks on their desktop and or even installing an Android Virtual Machine. All of that can be put to rest now and we can all enjoy Android App Store goodness.

Using your BlackBerry 10 device, navigate your browser to the following links to download the APKs. Remember, this ONLY works on the latest OS leak,

Amazon Appstore

1Mobile Market

8 thoughts on “Download and Install Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 device from the Amazon Appstore

  1. I think i like this better. the Google Play store would force me to have a Google account. I already have an Amazon account and I’m OK with that.

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