Decoded: New Samsung Ad Bashes BlackBerry


It seems like trolling is not for the fans alone as Samsung recently released an ad directly bashing the iPhone and especially BlackBerry. The video shows a guy sending emails while watching a game on his Galaxy Note in an effort to highlight the device’s multi-tasking capabilities, that’s great but not when you are appealling to people that get things done. I’d be fired in a heartbeat for watching a game while closing a deal with a high profile client. Check the video and a few more thoughts below.

While they show the Galaxy range’s ability to communicate via Near Field Communication to what seems limited to file sharing, NFC on BlackBerry 7 devices has gone beyond basic communication to using your device as a credit card. Let’s not even go far, notice the BlackBerry device in the video? Now look at the current line of BlackBerrys. I bet they would not wanna show a superior and prefered business device in their ad.

You should also have noticed how they emphasized on the device’s security. Well BlackBerry doesn’t need to convince anybody about how secure it is. Look, I’m just saying why bash other devices if their phone is truly superior, is it perharps ‘insecurity’? I am really hoping future BlackBerry ads never make an attempt at bashing competition.

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